Volvo Insurance Rates

When insurance companies determine the cost of Volvo insurance rates, they examine numerous car-related criteria, including safety ratings, risk of theft, and replacement prices.

How a Volvo affects the cost of insurance

Volvo Insurance Rates - Volvo Logo

Due to Volvo’s outstanding safety ratings, insurance costs are reduced. But the more expensive Volvos tend to be more expensive to operate.

A number of other variables impact insurance costs, including the kind of vehicle, mileage, and trim. Your personal details like your driving history, credit score, and age all have an impact on your insurance costs.

When it comes to safety, Volvo has no competition; insurance firms would gladly ensure Volvo automobiles, no questions asked. Finding insurance coverage shouldn’t be difficult for you.

Pros and cons of insuring a Volvo


  • Great safety ratings
  • Low theft rates


  • Some higher-priced models come with higher-priced insurance

About the Volvo brand

Volvo was founded in Sweden in 1927 and started making vehicles that year. In 1999, Volvo Cars were acquired by Ford Motor Company, and now it is owned by Geely Holding Group, which is located in China.

Volvo is a luxury automobile company, and as such manufactures vehicles known for being among the safest in the industry. With relation to fuel efficiency, the manufacturer’s vehicles are frequently considered to be of the highest quality in the market and are frequently rated as outstanding family automobiles.

What’s Volvo In-Car Delivery?

Volvo has formed a partnership with Amazon to allow Amazon deliveries to be dropped off at customers’ doorsteps, while the Amazon orders are being completed. At checkout, select “In-Car Delivery” using Volvo On Call and the Amazon Key app, and your purchases will be delivered to your car.

Start shopping with Amazon Prime by linking your Amazon account to your Volvo On Call account using the Amazon Key app. We provide in-car delivery for vehicles with the model year 2015 or newer.

What’s Care by Volvo?

A new Volvo is leased for about $700 to $750 a month through Volvo’s automobile subscription program. All qualified drivers are covered for maintenance, excess wear, new brakes, and wiper blades; all repair work is completed in a timely manner for free. Liberty Mutual insured the policy.

Models now offered include the XC40, XC60, XC90, and S60. Also, expect restrictions such as 15,000 miles per year with additional costs for every mile you travel above the 15,000-mile cap. Due to California, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, and South Dakota’s regulations on marijuana use, the service is not available in those states.

Volvo car facts

  • Volvo strives to provide the safest vehicles on the road, which helps with insurance rates. Cars are less likely to be involved in accidents because they are safer.
  • Many of Volvo’s cars are in the middle of the pricing spectrum. Insurance prices are lower because of this, too.
  • A positive factor for insurance premiums: Volvos have one of the lowest stolen automobile volumes of any brand.

Bottom line

Because of Volvo’s excellent safety ratings, insurance costs are much lower. However, be sure to do your research to obtain the greatest auto insurance coverage for you.

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