Volkswagen Insurance Rates

Volkswagen cars are popular because they are regarded for being dependable rides with great handling. Because of the good safety ratings they usually earn, they are able to decrease Volkswagen insurance rates.

How to compare Volkswagen car insurance

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When calculating the cost of Volkswagen insurance rates, insurance companies evaluate several car-related criteria, including vehicle safety ratings, probability of being stolen, and general damage susceptibility.

Insurance premiums are affected by several other factors, including the kind of vehicle, how many miles is on the vehicle, and it’s trim level. As well as your personal information, such as your driving history, credit score, and age, your own driving habits and tendencies are also considerations to consider.

Pros and cons of Volkswagen insurance


  • Good safety ratings
  • Low theft rates


  • Avoid diesel models

Volkswagen car facts

  • In the early 1930s, Germany-based Volkswagen was established with the goal of producing a cheap and efficient automobile.
  • The Beetle was first released in 1959, resulting in VW being the United States’ most popular imported car. Though the final Bug has ceased production, Bug lovers will continue to collect this classic for many years to come.
  • Volkswagen offers a broad range of pricing for its vehicles, ranging from the economical Jetta (beginning MSRP of $17,895) to the expensive Touareg (starting MSRP of $49,495). When purchasing a VW model, VW is also willing to lend you the money to pay for it.
  • Volkswagen automobiles are noted for their safety, which is why they have fewer accidents and less claims. Compared to other automobile brands, they’re stolen less frequently. Insurance costs will go down overall as a result of these variables.
  • Volkswagen’s latest revolutionary automobile technology is intended to offer drivers total control of the vehicle. By applying modular automobile architecture, Volkswagen has enabled hundreds of distinct car customization options while sharing a similar set of car parts..
  • VWs include features like driver profiles and linked vehicles, which let you choose between standard, comfort, and sport settings based on your driving style.

What’s Dieselgate?

Vehicle emissions discovered to be greater than they were recorded in official environmental standards testing in 2014 were found to contain higher amounts of nitrogen oxides. The manufacturer was named “Dieselgate” by the media, since they determined that the company had software placed in their engines to defeat mandatory emissions testing. Volkswagen issued a second recall of around 11 million cars globally, including 6.5 million in the U.S., in addition to paying billions of dollars in penalties and settlements as well as incalculable loss of brand trust.

Are there any standout VW models?

VW’s first car with third-row seating, the Atlas, is the first of its kind for the company. Load the car with up to six people, or fold down the second and third rows and access 96.8 cubic feet of cargo capacity. Available trim packages include basic, standard, luxurious, and extended length; include amenities such adaptive cruise control, three-zone temperature control, and a remote power liftgate. The cost of the property begins at $30,750.

Volkswagen competitors

Can you recommend other automobile brands? Compare manufactures that are totally different to discover others that are comparable to VW.

Bottom line

A moderately cost insurance policy for your VW, regardless of personal characteristics like a poor driving record or weak credit, is quite likely to be available to you. Keep in mind, however, that to get the greatest auto insurance for you, you need to search about.

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