Root Car Insurance Review

Root Car Insurance‘s cutting-edge technology distinguishes it from the competition. Automobile insurance may not be available to anyone with a poor driving record.

Root, a new entrant in the insurance sector, now provides auto, home, and renters insurance in an increasing number of states. Columbus, Ohio-based insurance providers often provide consumers with car usage-based insurance. Premiums were assessed using telematics, or the usage of devices to collect data. As opposed to factors like credit history or driving record, insurance firms look at how often people drive and their driving habits when determining premiums.

As a consequence, the company has just recently started offering insurance to individuals and families. Even though Root Insurance’s vehicle insurance is well-known, the firm hopes to expand in the future with its houses and renters insurance.

Read our Root Car Insurance review to see how the company works and how happy its customers are.

Pros and cons of Root Insurance


  • Automobile owners who seldom or never use their vehicles
  • Insurance rates for vehicle and renter policies may go down for drivers who take extra precautions to be safe.
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  • The most dangerous kind of drivers
  • Insurance brokers that put the needs of business drivers ahead of their own will attract clients looking for a complete insurance package.

Root car insurance review

Purchasing auto insurance is a part of Root’s approach. The corporation may set charges based on driving patterns instead of more standard rating factors by using telematics technology. Credit ratings will be phased out entirely by 2025, according to the firm, since they are unfairly assigned to borrowers. Because of this, Root Insurance aims to bring some fresh ideas to a sector that has been moving at a snail’s pace.

Root Insurance is a good option for safe drivers and infrequent drivers. Root’s rules may not be suitable for persons who do not fall into one of these groups. See whether Root Insurance is a suitable match for you by continuing to read this review.

  • Customer satisfaction — Not rated by JD Power.
  • Claims satisfaction — Not rated by JD Power
  • Financial strength — Not rated by AM Best
  • NAIC Rating — Root Insurance has received more customer complaints than other insurance providers, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Root car insurance coverage options

The following are some of the most common types of insurance coverage provided by automobile insurance companies, as listed by Root.

  • Physical harm and property liability
  • Collision and in-depth (often referred to as full coverage when purchased together)
  • motorist liability coverage for drivers without/under-insured (bodily injury)

As well as traditional automobile insurance, several insurance firms provide coverage for drivers in areas where specific conditions must be met in order to qualify.

  • third-party liability coverage
  • health-related expenses
  • Uninsured motorist property damage

The organization not only offers low prices, but it also provides 24/7 emergency roadside help to all clients. Car rental insurance is an additional benefit of using Root. Root will pay the cost of your rental vehicle and Root will refund you for any Lyft rides.

These choices may be insufficient for those with particular insurance needs. Root’s additional constraints won’t pose any problems for standard-coverage drivers.

Root Insurance discounts

Vehicle insurance discount alternatives are few in the search results, disappointing those who were hoping for more. This is valid since Root Insurance states at the outset of the policy that it gives discounts. For the purpose of determining whether or not someone is qualified to drive, they must first go through a road test. So it’s a reward for being safe behind the wheel. As a consequence, drivers can only rely on the following savings:

  • Multiple policies. Root Insurance offers discounts for customers who bundle their vehicle and house insurance policy.
  • Good driving record. If you’re a Root customer and you stay safe, you’ll save money. If you go three years without obtaining a ticket, your insurance price may be reduced by 20%, and after five years you can earn a 35% discount on your rate..

How does Root car insurance work?

Car insurance that costs you depending on your driving behavior is known as usage-based insurance.

According to Root, an app keeps track of a driver’s behaviors including how many kilometers they travel each hour, their average speed, and even what time of day they drive. This data is used to generate a quotation. Drivers who are careful don’t have to pay as much as those who aren’t, according to a concept known as “usage-based insurance (UBI)”. As is the case with many contemporary businesses, the cheap cost you get comes at the sacrifice of personal information.

The number of individuals signing up for UBI programs is increasing, according to new analysis from CB Insights. More than 10 insurers that referenced telematics or their telematics programs during earnings calls have been tracked down since the beginning of 2018. This shows that driving applications are quickly being recognized as a crucial business strategy.

You can’t be distracted by your phone while driving. This program utilizes your smartphone to collect data about your driving patterns. Your phone features an anti-annoyance function that alerts you when you’re being particularly bothersome when out and about. Telematics, the use of sensors to keep tabs on your speed and driving habits, such as how long you spend in each gear, has made these things feasible.

When you scan your driver’s license, Root may also collect information about you, such as your name, address, and the car you’re driving (or manually enter it).

The Hawthorne Effect

What do we do when we know we’re being watched?

When we sense someone is monitoring us, we’re more likely to behave honestly, according to the findings. The Hawthorne Effect was named after a series of experiments carried out in Cicero, Illinois, in the early 20th century at the Hawthorne Works plant. According to a group of specialists from Newcastle University in England, when an image of a face or an eye is displayed near the breakroom, workers are more likely to clean it up.

Being seen may drive us to act erratically, but this is only because we are doing our hardest. According to Root, which tracks our driving patterns using data collected from our smartphones, we’ll be more likely to put safety first on the road.

How to cancel a Root insurance policy

Call your insurance carrier at 1-866-980-9431 to cancel or modify your insurance coverage while using the Root app.

Can I cancel my Root policy online?

Insurance coverage may be canceled using the Root app. Customers may reach customer assistance by sending an email to or calling 1-888-JOIN-ROOT (1-866-980-9431).

Root Insurance online features and app

Root Insurance’s mobile applications for iOS and Android are at the core of their service. Unlike other major insurers, this one demands the covered device to have the Root application installed. As you drive, the program maintains track of your behaviors and figures up your price for you automatically. In addition to monitoring the driver’s movements, this application also allows you to:

  • Manage and file claims.
  • When looking for vehicle insurance, a policy with a homeowner or renter’s coverage is easily available.
  • Configure online bill payment.
  • Enrich the driver and vehicle lists.
  • Read through policy documents
  • Get documentation for insurance cards.

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