Ram ProMaster Car Insurance Rates

For a Ram ProMaster car insurance rates, the annual cost averages out to $1,872, or $156 in monthly premiums. Your actual cost may be more or lower than that amount depending on your driving history and how many miles you travel each year.

About the Ram ProMaster

Ram ProMaster Car Insurance Rates - Ram Logo

Ram introduced the ProMaster in 2013. Many different roof and wheelbase combinations, as well as a great V6 engine, make this vehicle stand out above the rest of the pack. The car features a six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

The safety rating, theft rates, replacement prices, and general damage susceptibility of the Ram ProMaster are all used by insurance firms to calculate their premium costs. The cost of car insurance varies by location and by driving record. Quotes from several insurance companies will be given to ensure the lowest pricing for a Ram ProMaster. Do some research to see whether the insurance savings you’ve made are tax-deductible.

How safe is the Ram ProMaster?

As a result, neither NHTSA nor the IIHS have assigned a rating to this particular Ram ProMaster 2017.

Anti-lock brakes, a blind spot monitoring system, and stability control are standard on the Ram ProMaster.

How does the Ram ProMaster compare to other car models?

To insure, the Ram ProMaster ranks as one of the highest-priced car models out of the 360 considered.

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