Plymouth Rock Car Insurance Review

However, this insurance firm is only available in six states, yet it sells a large variety of goods and provides many discounts. Let’s see what Plymouth Rock Car Insurance offers.

Plymouth Rock Insurance Pros and Cons

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  • Contrary to popular belief, the sector has a solid track record of financial management.
  • Customers have greater opportunity to tailor their insurance coverage when they have more alternatives for auto and house insurance policies.
  • Homeowners insurance has a relatively cheap premium.


  • Exclusive to a limited swath of the country
  • Teenage and young adult drivers face higher premiums on car insurance because of the higher risk they pose.
  • Drivers with moving infractions and accidents for which they were at fault pay a greater rate than those without such penalties or violations.

Plymouth Rock auto insurance review

Plymouth Rock Assurance is an insurance provider with offices around the nation. You’ll save both time and money by going with Plymouth Rock for your car insurance. In spite of its tiny clientele, Plymouth Rock provides outstanding car coverage choices and significant discounts that are on pace with industry standards. One-time taxi fare coverage and claims management through mobile devices are available to Plymouth Rock customers who insure their autos. When policyholders take use of the extra optional protections, they get more discretionary power.

Plymouth Rock had few complaints, thus it was in a strong financial position, but consumers were disappointed with the company’s performance.

  • J.D. Power Rating — Plymouth Rock had a below-average rating in the mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the United States, according to the J.D. Power auto insurance customer satisfaction report.
  • Financial strength — Plymouth Rock has an A+ rating from AM Best, indicating good financial health and the capacity to pay claims.
  • NAIC Rating — Lower than the National Average. The NAIC received less consumer complaints about Plymouth Rock than the average for the United States.

Where is Plymouth Rock car insurance available?

New Jersey-based Plymouth Rock Car Insurance is an auto insurance carrier with offices in the state’s other major cities, such as Boston, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Plymouth Rock car insurance coverage options

Accidents involving uninsured or underinsured motorists may be covered by Plymouth Rock, depending on your policy. In addition to the standard insurance advantages, Plymouth Rock offers four grades of extra coverage, each with a distinct set of perks.

Essential Assurance

Essential Assurance, an integral part of any insurance, includes:

  • Crashbusters® mobile claim service. A claim representative will visit you, wherever you are, to inspect the damage.
  • Valet service that comes to you. Auto Repair Plymouth Rock will come and pick up your car, bring it to the shop, and then return it to you when the repairs are complete.
  • Repaired with a guarantee. You’re protected for repair service as long as you own or lease your automobile, regardless of which of Plymouth Rock’s designated repair shops does the job.
  • Get Safely Back to Your Residence®. A one-way home transportation benefit of up to $50 is covered by this policy option.
  • Use of services available over the internet. When managing insurance plans online, policyholders may do things like look for ID cards, update personal information, and keep track of claims.
  • Assurance Pledge®. If Plymouth Rock does not fulfill your expectations for customer service, it will contribute $25 to a charity of your choosing.

Assurance Plus

The Plus plan offers protection, the option to combine it with Preferred or Premier, as well as additional perks.

  • Additional rental coverage. Your daily limit for a rental vehicle is increased.
  • Mobile device and laptop replacement. If your phone, tablet, or laptop is destroyed as a result of an insured accident, you will not be responsible for paying a deductible and it will be repaired or replaced (up to the specified amount).
  • Pet injury coverage. Policyholders may be entitled for payment for vet care or other expenses if their dog or cat suffers injury as a result of a covered loss.
  • Seatbelt/airbag benefits. If a passenger was restrained by a seatbelt and an active airbag was deployed, they may be eligible for an additional death benefit.
  • Child car seat replacement. If your kid car seat is damaged as a result of a covered incident, Plymouth Rock will pay to replace it (up to the specified amount).
  • Personal property coverage. Damaged personal possessions not covered by mobile device and laptop replacement benefits are protected by this deductible-free coverage.
  • Waiver of collision deductible. In the event of an accident with another Plymouth Rock insured, you don’t have to pay your collision deductible even though you were not at fault.
  • Enhanced bail bond coverage. If you have an accident while out on bail, you’ll be able to get a larger basic insurance limit since you’ll qualify for it.
  • Loss of earnings coverage. As a result of an accident, you’ll be covered for any normal income you lose while attending a trial or hearing.
  • Deductible waiver for glass repairs. For vehicle glass repair, your deductible is waived as long as the damage is less than a quarter in size and the consequence of an accident is covered by your policy.

Assurance Preferred

Essential Assurance’s basic benefits are complemented by these extra features:

  • Roadside assistance. There is towing assistance and battery servicing included in the event that you get stuck on the highway. Only residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania may buy it.
  • Deductible waiver for windshield replacement. There is no deductible if you need to replace your windshield as a result of a covered loss.
  • Additional towing and labor coverage. If your insurance already covers towing and labor, this will provide you an extra year of coverage.
  • Waiver of depreciation. In the event of an accident, the expense of repairing or replacing a damaged component is not deductible.
  • Airbag accidental discharge coverage. As long as the airbag deployment was not caused by a covered occurrence, Plymouth Rock will pay to repair or replace it.
  • Pet injury coverage. Your pet’s veterinary care and other costs will be covered if it is injured in an accident.

Assurance Premier

When you add Assurance Premier, you also get the following additional benefits:

  • Roadside assistance. If you’re stuck on the road and in need of assistance, roadside assistance can deliver fuel, replace a dead battery, and unlock your car. Customers in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut may purchase this product.
  • Deductible Dollars®. Even if there is no claim, policyholders are entitled to a $50 yearly deductible credit.
  • Trip interruption coverage. You’ll be reimbursed for your room and food if a covered loss forces you to travel more than 100 miles from home;.
  • New car replacement. Even if your automobile is totaled, the insurance will pay for the cost of obtaining a similar make, model, and year model as a replacement.
  • Plus one car replacement. If your automobile was less than two years old when it was totaled, you’ll be given a brand-new one.
  • Loan/lease gap coverage. It will pay the difference between what you still owe on your lease or loan if your automobile is totaled. This insurance does not cover the purchase of a new car or the replacement of a previously owned vehicle.
  • Electronic key replacement. Plymouth Rock will pay for a new electronic key if your old one is lost or stolen.

Additional optional coverages from Plymouth Rock

Upgrades and endorsements may be applied to a policy a la carte at Plymouth Rock.

  • Accident forgiveness. Those who qualify for a Plymouth Rock policy renewal and have a surchargeable accident will not see their premiums go up.
  • Full glass coverage. Claims that just cover glass will have the comprehensive deductible waived.
  • $100 glass deductible. Your $100 glass-only claim deductible will be waived..
  • Waiver of deductible. This add-on from Plymouth Rock waives collision deductibles in certain circumstances and is only available in three states: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
  • New car replacement. New Automobile Replacement will replace your damaged automobile with a brand new one if your car is two years old or newer (same model year, make and model).
  • Loan/lease gap coverage. If you have an accident and your automobile is totaled, the insurance compensation you get may not be enough to cover the remaining balance of your loan or lease. Deductions have to be made because of the deterioration of the vehicle. Plymouth Rock will cover the difference in market value and the purchase price of the car.

Plymouth Rock auto insurance discounts

To save money on your auto insurance, Plymouth Rock offers various popular discounts. States provide different amounts of discounts.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle

  • Bundling. Plymouth Rock offers substantial discounts on house, condo, and renters insurance policies.
  • Multi-car. Save even more money by combining the insurance on several cars.
  • Anti-theft/passive restraint devices. Installing safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, and seatbelts might result in decreased insurance costs.
  • New driver. A motorist under the age of 19 who is on your policy and has had two years of continuous insurance coverage qualifies for this discount.
  • Safe driver. Those with a clean driving record may be eligible for lower insurance premiums.
  • Away at school. In order to qualify for the student discount, you or anybody else on your policy must be away at school and not have frequent access to the covered car on a regular basis.
  • Driver training. Drivers must finish a state-approved driver training course to be eligible for this discount..
  • Driver improvement. Drivers over the age of 55 get a discount on driver improvement courses.
  • Good student. Students who maintain a “B” average in secondary and postsecondary school may be eligible for a reduction on their insurance premium.
  • Five-year claim-free. Older drivers with a clean driving record are entitled to a discount.

Discounts based on your policy

  • Advanced shopper. You may save a little money on your insurance by purchasing it a few days before it goes into effect.
  • Paid in full. If you buy your insurance coverage in one lump sum rather than monthly instalments, you may be eligible for this popular discount.
  • Paperless. There is a discount offered to those who sign up for email delivery of insurance paperwork.
  • Affinity or alumni groups. People who join affinity or alumni organizations may be eligible for discounts in specific situations.
  • Motor club. A minor discount on car insurance may be available to members of authorized car clubs.

Plymouth Rock Insurance vs. Competitors

  • Plymouth Rock. $138
  • Allstate. $170
  • Farmers. $131
  • GEICO. $94
  • Nationwide. $90
  • Progressive. $104
  • State Farm. $108

Plymouth Rock bundling options

If you’re looking for anything other than car insurance, Plymouth Rock can help.

How to cancel a Plymouth Rock insurance policy

Depending on where you reside, you may be able to cancel your insurance via Plymouth Rock’s customer service number. The webpage provides the company’s contact information. If you terminate your insurance coverage before it expires, you may be entitled to get a refund of any unused payments.

Can I cancel my Plymouth Rock policy online?

Online cancellation of your insurance coverage is not possible at this time. To begin the canceling procedure, you need to make direct contact with your insurance provider.

Plymouth Rock online features and app

Plymouth Rock’s website is easy to use and contains a wealth of information about the business. Due to the fact that state requirements differ, consumers will find it beneficial to compare automobile insurance coverage and savings by visiting one of the company’s six offices. For further information about homeowner’s insurance, you may contact an insurance agent in person or telephone them.

Policyholders may manage their policies online using an account on this insurance company’s website, just as on other insurance company websites. Customers of Plymouth Rock’s car and home insurance coverage may conveniently access their policies through a smartphone app (available for iOS and Android). Here are a few of the app’s highlights:

  • View policy and billing details
  • Claims management
  • Access proof of insurance
  • Contact an agent or claims representative

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