Land Rover Insurance Rates

Land Rovers vehicle cost a fair amount and it isn’t cheap to cover them either. On average, you are going to spend $2,378 for Land Rover insurance rates per year, or around $198 a month. The largest causes for higher insurance prices are high MSRPs. However, your premium is partly mitigated by the security features of Land Rover which may reduce the need for accident repairs. This will help you decide in changing your Land Rover insurance rates.

How a Land Rover insurance rates affects

Land Rover Insurance Rates - Land Rover Logo

When deciding the cost of insurance, insurance companies consider a car’s safety ratings, risk of theft, and cost to replace or repair, among other variables.

Land Rovers are not on top of any stolen car lists but are quite expensive to fix or replace, making this a costly vehicle to insure.

Although Land Rover is a luxury automaker, it is covered by the most important companies like Allstate and AAA.

Pros and cons of insuring a Land Rover


  • Not target by thieves


  • Not dependable
  • Expensive to repair or replace

About the Land Rover brand

Land Rover has been a household name in the United Kingdom since 1948 when it began producing vehicles. It is owned by Jaguar Land Rover, which is managed by Indian automobile manufacturer Tata Motors.

Land Rovers began as agricultural vehicles but have now developed into highly sought-after luxury automobiles. The Range Rover SUV is extremely popular since it commands attention wherever it goes.

While you offer financing via a network of registered dealerships, Land Rover may also be financed by a bank or by an online creditors company.

Are there any standout Land Rover models?

The new Range Rover PHEV is Land Rover’s first hybrid plug-in vehicle. The PHEV has a smart plug-in hybrid display, intelligent navigation, a high-efficiency hybrid plug-in, and a refined, silent ride.

This hybrid accelerates to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds, with a 398-horsepower output, and a range of 31 miles in full mode. The starting price is $78,300.

What is Land Rover Adventure Travel?

Will you yearn to go to isolated and beautiful areas across the world in a Land Rover? That is achievable if you enroll in one of Land Rover’s Adventure Travel excursions. Ice driving in the Arctic, trail and off-road driving in Utah, and an all-terrain adventure in Africa are among the experiences available.

Land Rover car facts

  • Land Rovers are not recognized as particularly dependable cars – they are always criticized for numerous failures.
  • You could choose to extend your security with comprehensive coverage more than a minimal responsibility coverage for this luxury brand of vehicles.
  • You’re not going to find Land Rovers safety ratings. Many cars, however, include safety characteristics such as driver warnings and automated emergency braking. This helps to reduce accident damage and prevent the shooting of your insurance.

Should You Buy A Land Rover?

Land Rovers are costly to buy and costly to insure, so make sure you’re shopping to get the best insurance for your car.

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