Land Rover Defender Car Insurance Rates

After a 23-year absence, the Land Rover Defender is back and better than ever. The popular SUV aims to combine off-road toughness with road eligibility, but it will be many years before it is available globally. As an off-road SUV, the Land Rover Defender car insurance rates a little extra. The annual insurance price for a Defender should be about $2,760. The insurance cost-to-base ratio is 5.5% for a home starting at $49,000. This is in line with the national average, at 4%, although the percentage may fluctuate based on the numerous customization choices available for each model.

How do I compare car insurance for the Defender?

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Due to its off-road capabilities, the Defender’s insurance rates are a little more expensive. SUVs, on the other hand, are less expensive to buy, despite the fact that they are more expensive than trucks on average. In addition to these criteria, other factors have an effect on the Defender’s accusations.

  • Body type. The Defender is an off-road compact or midsize SUV. Although SUVs usually benefit from cheaper insurance rates, sedans and pickup trucks may be insured for less money than sedans and pickup trucks. Off-road vehicles, on the other hand, are more costly even if you’re not going off-road.
  • Fuel. Official mileage figures have not yet been released, but the defender seems to be getting up to 28 mpg. Competitors would have to pay much more for off-road vehicles. The sole drawback is that electrical motor and battery component repair costs are now more expensive.
  • Theft rates. Land Rovers account for around 6% of all stolen cars in the United States. Since this Defender model won’t have official rates for many years, expect a significant reduction in the rate. Land Rovers account for around 6% of all stolen cars in the United States. Since this Defender model won’t have official rates for many years, expect a significant reduction in the rate.
  • Maintenance. To keep them running, Land Rovers need frequent maintenance and pricey components. As a result, they’re one of the most expensive cars to own and operate. Defender’s Off-Road skills will not make up for the increasing insurance costs, but they must become more reliable.
  • Coverage. Starting at $48,900, the entry-level model is the most affordable, but the modification options make it the most secure vehicle of its kind, with options for coverage up to $100,000. In addition to accident and comprehensive coverage, it has limits on excessive liability. Also, make sure your uninsured motor property damage coverage limits are enough.
  • Warranty. All new Land Rovers come with a 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty, but buyers may extend it for an additional five years by purchasing an extended warranty package. As long as your warranty hasn’t expired, you don’t have to purchase any extra auto insurance.
  • Manufacturer offer. Low APRs and cashback incentives are likely to be offered as part of special defender arrangements. You’ll get the greatest price by talking to your local car dealer.

Does the Land Rover Defender qualify for discounts?

Choosing a certain model of Land Rover Defender lets you decide on the specifics of any savings you’ll get.

  • Passive restraint discount
  • Anti Lock brake discount
  • Airbag discount
  • Antitheft discount
  • Seatbelt pretensioners

How reliable is the Land Rover Defender?

The official Defender ratings will not be made public until the vehicle is on sale.

  • Safety. According to Land Rover’s chief engineer, the company is working toward a five-star safety certification. Although the car isn’t quite ready for sale, we’ve already put in place all the steps necessary to have it rated.
  • Reliability. Reliability has never been a strong suit for Land Rover, a vehicle manufacturer. The 2020 Defender’s performance ratings will be made public prior to the model year.
  • Recalls. Land Rover has had a few recalls in the past. Despite the fact that the Defender is a newer model, there’s a chance that yours may be next.

Bottom line

The improved 2014 Land Rover Defender will be available for purchase in the United States. For more costly models, insurance premiums are above the national average, while for cheaper ones, they are below it.

Consider a number of insurance providers while looking for a suitable policy for your new defender.

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