Jaguar XJR Car Insurance Rates

The XJR is a sedan, and sedans are the most affordable to insure. You may be able to earn extra insurance points if you purchase a vehicle equipped with driver assistance and anti-lock brakes. For a Jaguar XJR car insurance rates premium an average of $110 a month, or $1,320 a year. Compared to the US average of $1,426 per year, this represents a savings of over $100.

How do I compare insurance for the XJR?

Jaguar XJR Car Insurance Rates - Jaguar Logo

Despite its high price tag, the Jaguar XJR is a sedan, making it the least costly to insure. Repairs, on the other hand, may be pricey, particularly if you go with a Jaguar specialist.

  • Body type. The XJR is a luxury sedan with lower insurance costs than other high-end automobiles, such as sports cars.
  • Fuel. The fuel economy of this car, which is between 15 and 21 mpg, is not well-known.
  • Theft. The XJR has a track record of being stolen, which may raise insurance costs.
  • Maintenance. Repairs and maintenance on a Jaguar may be expensive, particularly if done by a non-expert. XJRs, in general, require regular servicing in order to maintain their good long-term condition.
  • Coverage. As a result of the vehicle’s high theft risk, you should purchase comprehensive coverage to protect against theft and vandalism, as well as higher coverage maximums to cover specialized repair components. Take, for instance, luxury car insurance, which often offers coverage for agreed-upon-value as well as higher limits.
  • Warranty. In the newer vehicles, there is typically a 6-year, 60,000-mile warranty, which may help you cover the expenses of routine maintenance.

Does the Jaguar XJR qualify for discounts

To further lower your premium, you may be able to get savings on the XJR’s many safety features.

  • Body type. Discounts for the XJR’s many safety features may be available, helping you save even more money on your monthly premium.
  • High MSRP. The car’s six-figure price tag makes repairs more difficult and time consuming. Your insurance premiums may go up as a consequence of this.
  • More coverage. You have the option of selecting high-end car insurance or policy enhancements that increase your rates.
  • Powerful engine. This high-performance sports car’s latest model has more than 500 hp. As a result, driving at higher speeds may be more appealing, increasing insurance risk.
  • Specialized repairs. This high-performance sports car’s latest model has more than 500 hp. As a result, driving at higher speeds may be more appealing, increasing insurance risk.
  • Theft. The car has been the subject of a slew of theft complaints. This Jaguar model’s lengthy manufacturing history, on the other hand, may have anything to do with it.

How reliable is the Jaguar XJR

This car fulfills just fair requirements for dependability, as shown by its low reliability scores and average performance in crash tests. There have been numerous recalls on the XJR throughout the years, although current models are more reliable.

Obtain several quotes from Jaguar XJR car insurance companies for the best value. Are you still on the lookout for the perfect car? Look at the insurance costs for a different model year or year-of-production.

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