Genesis Insurance Rates

Genesis insurance rates average is around $175 per month. The cost you actually pay will be affected by several aspects, including both personal and vehicle-related. Not all elements that influence insurance pricing are under your control, but some are. They include things like your driving record, the amount of miles you travel each year, your age, and where you live. All these data are incorporated into the Genesis. 

How a vehicle from Genesis affects the cost of insurance

In contrast to more inexpensive vehicles, repairs on Genesis luxury automobiles cost more and replacement parts are difficult to get. That means your premium will be higher. Also, despite their impressive safety ratings, the fact that they are not frequently stolen even out the cost.

If you plan on owning a Genesis, you won’t have to worry about insurance. For the most part, auto insurance will cover vehicles of this price.

Pros and cons of Genesis Insurance

Genesis Insurance Rates - Genesis Logo


  • Great safety ratings
  • Not often stolen


  • Luxury car
  • Expensive to repair or replace

About the Genesis brand

Genesis made its U.S. television debut in 2016. Premium brands are usually made when a new model of a product is released.

To help distinguish Genesis from other Hyundai models, the company announced in 2015 that Genesis will operate as a stand-alone label. With the exception of the G80 and G90, all models that are being introduced will feature sports coupes and SUVs.

What’s Genesis Service Valet?

If you have Genesis Service Valet installed, your service center will arrive at your location to assist you. Genesis is able to diagnose your car, get it serviced, and provide you a courtesy vehicle all remotely. Your car will be repaired, and then they will return it to you. One year of free Genesis Service Valet includes a three-year (36,000-mile) validity period.

Genesis car facts

  • Genesis is a high-end luxury vehicle brand made by Hyundai.
  • In 2017, J.D. Power classified Genesis in initial quality as the highest premium brand.
  • Genesis was announced as a stand-alone brand in 2015.

Should You Buy A Genesis?

Higher-end automobiles cost extra to insure as well. Before you get your insurance, be sure to check several options and prices to make sure you get the best price.

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