GEICO Car Insurance Review

GEICO Car Insurance is well-known in the United States for a reason: it provides reasonable prices, excellent customer service, and a broad selection of coverage options for motorists. Here’s our GEICO Car Insurance Review for you.

GEICO Pros and Cons

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  • The firm is financially sound, as stated by AM Best.
  • The level of accessibility varies greatly.
  • One strategy to save money is to combine discounts for several lines and use them all at once.


  • Although GEICO offers low-cost vehicle insurance, USAA’s rates may be better than GEICO’s for those who qualify. 

GEICO car insurance review

GEICO was founded in 1936 and is now the country’s second-largest insurer. Car and motorbike insurance are only two of the services offered by GEICO.

For all the attention it gets because it offers cheap vehicle insurance, GEICO doesn’t treat its clients like second-class citizens. We’ll tell you more about GEICO in our analysis of auto insurance policies in 2021..

  • Claims satisfaction — GEICO’s total claim satisfaction is rated as “average” by J.D. Power.
  • Customer satisfaction — J.D. Power’s 2021 customer satisfaction study of insurance companies gave GEICO an average grade. 
  • Financial strength — Policyholders don’t have to be concerned about GEICO’s ability to pay claims since the firm is rated well by AM Best.
  • NAIC Rating — On the basis of all consumer complaints received throughout time, the NAIC gives a complaint grade. GEICO was in the center of the pack when it came to this measure.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia provide GEICO insurance coverage.

GEICO car insurance coverage options

GEICO has everything you need to know about vehicle insurance.

  • Liability coverage
  • Property damage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage

Check out a few of the noteworthy features of GEICO’s auto insurance.

Emergency road service

Roadside help from GEICO is an option worth exploring if you have comprehensive insurance from the provider. All of the following are covered as part of your plan:

  • Jumpstarts for dead batteries
  • Labor to change a tire
  • Lockout services

Rental reimbursement.

Extra coverage reimburses you if your automobile is rendered immobile as a result of one of the claims covered by your policy. Only “covered claims” are covered by GEICO, thus typical wear and tear or technical issues are not covered. Your insurance company will pay for the cost of a rental automobile for you for the number of days specified in your policy.

Mechanical breakdown insurance.

GEICO is one of the few vehicle insurance providers that provides mechanical breakdown coverage (MBI). Auto insurance policies do not cover a broad variety of potential technical issues that might arise with your automobile, but this extended warranty will. This figure excludes damage caused by an automobile accident. MBI has a deductible.

Accident forgiveness

GEICO’s Accident Forgiveness program is an add-on insurance feature. Your insurance premiums will not go up if you cause your first accident. According to the policy-specific accident forgiveness program, you are only authorized to utilize the GEICO accident forgiveness program once per term of coverage.

GEICO rideshare insurance

For those who work for Uber or Lyft and need car insurance, GEICO is a good option to consider.

Additionally, GEICO provides coverage for the following ridesharing services:

  • Amazon Flex
  • Grubhub
  • DoorDash
  • Instacart
  • Postmates
  • Uber Eats

GEICO car insurance discounts and reward programs

Discounts based on the vehicle:

  • Airbags: 25-40% savings
  • Anti-lock brakes: 5%
  • Anti-theft system: 25%
  • Daytime running lights: 1%

Discounts based on the driver

  • Good driver. Three-year-clean-record drivers are eligible for reductions of up to 26% on their car insurance.
  • Use of a seatbelt is strongly recommended. There is a 15% discount if you have medical or personal injury insurance. If you and your passengers are diligent about wearing seat belts, you and your passengers might save up to 15% on your ticket.
  • You’re doing well in school. A “B” average is required for you or your student, and you may save up to 15% on your tuition.
  • Course for learning how to drive. Completion of a driver’s education course may entitle you to a discount on new driver insurance.
  • Driving safely while avoiding collisions. Defensive driving courses, depending on your state’s requirements, may qualify you for a reduction on your car insurance.
  • In case of an emergency, mobilization is necessary. People who are in the military and are on active duty may be eligible for a 25 percent discount on their whole vehicle insurance coverage.
  • Discounts for members and employees. The company has connections with several firms and membership groups, so you could be qualified for some kind of reduction. Alumni organizations, on the other hand, are made up of former members of professions such as police and fire.
  • Discounts for active duty military personnel. GEICO gives military and veteran individuals and their families up to a 15 percent discount on their insurance coverage.
  • Employees of the federal government are eligible for a discount. GEICO provides present and past government personnel an eagle discount of 8 percent on their insurance premiums. You need to be a GS-7 or above to be eligible. Every state has something similar.

Discounts for bundling or insuring multiple cars

  • Multi-policy discount. Bundling several GEICO products, such as car and home insurance, may result in cost savings. Bundling insurance policies may help you save a lot of money. GEICO provides a broad selection of insurance packages, such as home and auto insurance, as well as insurance for renters and condo owners. Bundling insurance not only saves money, but it also streamlines the administrative process. In certain cases, bundling your vehicle and house insurance might result in lower monthly rates paid by you. Consult with an insurance representative to determine if you can have all of your insurance requirements covered by the same provider.
  • Multi-vehicle discount. If you insure several cars with GEICO, you may be eligible for a 25 percent reduction on your entire coverage.

GEICO telematics and mobile app

GEICO DriveEasy

Varies. DriveEasy utilizes GEICO telematics to figure out your driving behaviors and provide you a driving score. After being downloaded and installed on your smartphone, the mobile app records your movements to help you become a better, safer, and more cautious driver. It’s a better choice than a standard automobile for teenagers and other inexperienced drivers in the family.

  • Senior driver discount. Reductions in insurance are available to drivers over 50 who are accident-free and do not insure any drivers under the age of 25.

Where is GEICO auto insurance cheapest?

In terms of GEICO car insurance rates, the following 10 states lead the way:

  • Wisconsin. $45
  • Arizona. $55
  • New Hampshire. $59
  • Ohio. $62
  • Iowa. $67
  • Utah. $68
  • Maine. $69
  • North Carolina. $71
  • Colorado. $72
  • Illinois. $72

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