Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Car Insurance Rates

It costs an average of $1,015 per month for Ferrari F12 Berlinetta car insurance rates. That’s a staggering $10,750 more than the $1,426 per year expense in the United States.

How do I compare insurance for the Ferrari F12?

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Car Insurance Rates - Ferrari Logo

The Ferrari F12 is a high-end, high-performance coupe with correspondingly high insurance premiums. Fortunately, your repair expenses should be kept to a minimum for the first few years thanks to the manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance plan.

  • Body type. Luxury coupe the Ferrari F12 has a racing edge to it.
  • Fuel. The combined city/highway mileage for this vehicle is just 13 mpg, which is below average.
  • Maintenance. Any premium car’s upkeep may be prohibitively costly owing to the need of specialist components or labor. In addition, when driven for speed and performance, this vehicle tends to devour premium petrol.
  • Coverage. Luxury vehicle insurance, which may enable you to select agreed value coverage since you’re shelling out so much money for your Ferrari, is an excellent idea. Add-ons like uninsured/underinsured motorist, loan gap, and comprehensive coverage are options to think about as well.
  • Options for insurers. You may have to search around for an insurance who will cover your Ferrari since not all do.
  • Warranty. With Ferrari, you get an unlimited-mileage warranty for three years. You’ll also get free 7-year maintenance as part of the deal.

Why is insurance so expensive for the Ferrari F12?

The Ferrari F12 has a higher insurance premium since it’s a high-performance sports car with a V12 engine and is quicker than some of Ferrari’s other models. Additionally, the high purchase price reflects the higher cost of repair due to the higher quality of the components.

Does the Ferrari F12 qualify for discounts?

Several safety measures are included as standard on the F12, and they may be eligible for a discount. These are some examples:

  • Anti-theft system
  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Electronic stability control
  • Low tire pressure warning
  • Parking sensors

Why is insurance so high for the Ferrari F12?

As a result of the F12’s incredible performance, it’s more expensive to insure:

  • High sale price. At the time of purchase, the F12 will cost upwards of $300,000. As a result of its high purchase price, the cost of repair or replacement will be higher for your insurance carrier.
  • Powerful engine. The F12 has a lot of power, therefore it comes with a hefty price tag.
  • Higher coverage. Because you’ve spent a lot of money on this vehicle, you may want to consider increasing your policy’s coverage limits, purchasing luxury car insurance, or adding additional coverage options.
  • Specialized repairs. Do you need a Ferrari mechanic or genuine components from the manufacturer? Repairs will be more expensive, and your insurance premiums will go up as a result.

How reliable is the Ferrari F12?

Do you need a Ferrari mechanic or genuine components from the manufacturer? Repairs will be more expensive, and your insurance premiums will go up as a result.

  • Safety. The Ferrari F12 isn’t rated safe by the industry’s leading safety agencies like NHTSA nor IIHS. Because of this, it’s possible the vehicle wasn’t a top option for customers. It’s priced to appeal to those who can afford to spend a lot of money.
  • Reliability. Reliability information on the F12 is scant at best. When it comes to Ferrari forums and review sites, owners prefer to see their cars as dependable, particularly when they are well maintained.
  • Recalls. The F12’s airbag inflator has been known to detonate in older versions due to faulty installation. This problem hasn’t occurred in the more recent 2016 and 2017 models.

Bottom line

High insurance premiums are a result of the Ferrari F12’s high purchase price and the necessity for highly specialized components to maintain the vehicle. There’s also not a lot of information about the product’s safety on the website. A guarantee that covers basic repairs for a number of years is included with the vehicle as well, so insurance savings may be available for this model.

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