Ferrari 812 Car Insurance Rates

The average monthly premium for a Ferrari 812 car insurance is $1,188, equating to $14,256 annually. Even by Ferrari standards, that’s a hefty premium of $12,800 above the national average of $1,426, making it prohibitively expensive.

How do I compare insurance for the Ferrari 812?

Ferrari 812 Car Insurance Rates - Ferrari Logo

In order to fix the 812 Superfast, you’ll need specialist components, therefore you’ll want to make sure you have enough insurance. The 7-year maintenance plan that comes with every Ferrari, on the other hand, will help you maintain your vehicle in great shape.

  • Body type. The 812 Superfast, as its name implies, is a high-performance premium coupe.
  • Fuel. The 812’s combined city/highway fuel economy is 13 mpg, which is about average for a sports car. To put it another way, don’t expect to save money on your insurance because you’re driving an economy car.
  • Maintenance. The high cost of specialist Italian components makes routine maintenance and repairs prohibitively costly. For the most part, Ferrari’s regular 7-year maintenance plan takes care of these expenses.
  • Coverage. Your high-priced supercar may need additional security measures. If you have a luxury vehicle, consider purchasing agreed value coverage and greater policy limits as part of your insurance policy. Optional coverages including comprehensive, loan/lease gap insurance, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage are also worth considering.
  • Options for insurers Geico, for example, does not give coverage for Ferraris whereas the majority of insurance providers do this as standard.
  • Warranty. The 812 Superfast comes standard with Ferrari’s three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, much like the rest of the Ferrari lineup. A 7-year maintenance package is also available to help you maintain your vehicle in top shape.

Why is insurance so expensive for the Ferrari 812?

It’s more expensive to insure a Ferrari 812 since it’s equipped with one of the market’s most powerful engines and is designed for speed and performance, making it more susceptible to accidents. Furthermore, this vehicle contains high-quality Italian components, which are expensive to fix or replace.

Does the Ferrari 812 qualify for discounts?

Ferrari has included many safety measures to this vehicle because of its requirement for speed. With these, you may be eligible for a reduction on your insurance premiums:

  • Method for detecting and preventing theft
  • Airbags
  • Brake anti-lock
  • Stability management using electronic means
  • Control of traction
  • Assisting with braking
  • Auto-on/auto-off lighting
  • Wipers that adjust their speed based on the amount of rain.
  • Parking sensors are used to help with safety.

Why is insurance so high for the Ferrari 812?

The insurance premium for the Superfast is much higher than the industry average. The increasing rate is due to a number of factors, including:

  • High sale price. The price of this high-end luxury sports vehicle starts at about $300,000. In other words, your insurance provider must foot the bill for more of your claimed losses.
  • More coverage. A greater premium is associated with more comprehensive insurance coverage. The additional security, on the other hand, may be worthwhile.
  • Higher limits. For complete coverage, you may want to look into purchasing a policy with greater limits. As with insurance, you may expect to pay more for this kind of protection.
  • Powerful engine. The Superfast is very fast, reaching top speeds in a matter of seconds. However, because of its strong engine, the insurance is more expensive.
  • Specialized repairs. Repairs may be more expensive if you need to use foreign components or hire a Ferrari expert.

How reliable is the Ferrari 812?

This is Ferrari’s first model after the F12 Berlinetta was discontinued in favor of the 812. There isn’t much information available about it yet due to its newness on the market.

Unlike previous Ferraris, this one hasn’t been subject to any recalls throughout its short time on the market.

  • Safety. There isn’t much information on safety features in this vehicle from the major rating agencies.
  • Reliability. It’s difficult to judge the 812’s dependability based on rumors alone, but Ferraris are renowned to hold their value over time.
  • Recalls. This new Ferrari has not yet been the subject of any safety recalls.

Bottom line

Insuring a Ferrari 812 is expensive because of the high cost of repairing the car and the specific components required. The lack of recalls indicates its dependability.

Investigate rates from a variety of insurance companies before purchasing coverage for your 812.

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