Dodge Durango Car Insurance Rates

A Dodge Durango costs $186 per month in insurance premiums, or $2,232 per year. Your actual costs may be more or lower based on your past performance, the number of miles you fly each year, and other factors.

Additional factors might influence your car insurance rate

Dodge Durango Car Insurance Rates  Dodge Logo
  • Model year for the Dodge Durango is now.
  • The exterior color of the vehicle
  • Coverage is critical for your situation.
  • Measure the length of your journey over the course of a year.
  • Vehicle security and anti-theft features
  • Rating of the driver’s creditworthiness
  • The location of the driver’s seat
  • Aged a person behind the wheel
  • The preceding five years of driving history; current condition of the driver
  • Your sex type (or the driver)
  • Regardless of whether the driver owns, rents, or leases the car.

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