Cincinnati Car Insurance Review

If you’re looking for a conventional insurance company that offers a broad selection of coverage choices for auto insurance and house insurance, Cincinnati Financial, located in Ohio, is an excellent choice. Even though the company mostly services the wealthy, it is highly valued by respectable businesses and maybe an excellent strategy for those seeking superior customer service, claims processing, and coverage knowledge. Auto and house insurance are available in most areas, and plans are developed by independent local brokers. Cincinnati also offers life insurance, an umbrella policy, and business plans to round out its line of products.

Find out whether Cincinnati Insurance Company is a viable option for your auto and home insurance needs in the future. With the help of our Cincinnati Insurance Company evaluation, you’ll be more equipped to make an informed choice. For another information, here’s our Cincinnati car insurance review.

Cincinnati Insurance Company auto insurance review

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Cincinnati Car Insurance Company may be able to satisfy your demands whether you’re looking for special advantages from car insurance or want to safeguard a pickup truck. No matter how wealthy an insurance company is, it may be a good choice for insuring your car with a selection of coverage options that are suited to your needs. It’s because of this that Cincinnati Financial clients don’t have many alternatives, but the company does provide a wide range of automobile insurers’ coverage options such as deductible-free airbags; child safety seats; and vehicle locks as well as glass for doors and windows.

Despite not providing many discounts or an online quote tool, Cincinnati garnered great evaluations from trustworthy third parties despite being an outlier when compared to other large insurance companies.

  • JD Power Rating — There hasn’t been a review of the film yet. JD Power’s car insurance customer and client satisfaction surveys did not include Cincinnati Insurance Company.
  • Financial Strength — Excellent. According to AM Best, Cincinnati Insurance has the financial wherewithal to settle claims and carry on operations with an A to A+ rating. The AM Best ratings are used to assess an insurance company’s overall financial strength and solvency.
  • NAIC Rating — Excellent. The NAIC has received much fewer complaints about Cincinnati Financial from customers than the national media.

Pros and cons of Cincinnati Financial car insurance


  • Special or affluent drivers sometimes drive antique or vintage automobiles, sports cars, or high-end luxury vehicles.
  • Appreciate engaging with local agents who give them with individualized care


  • Auto insurance premium comparisons might be more advantageous when done online.
  • People trying to get a deal

Cincinnati Insurance Company car insurance coverage options

Liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance are all available via Cincinnati. Working with a local agent might provide you with more customization possibilities for your insurance coverage. It is possible to expand plans even further and get extra advantages by adding additional coverage and endorsements such as particular safeguards and coverage levels.

Gap insurance

Auto insurance with split coverage is available for an extra cost. There’s a well-known authorization that covers the gap between the whole worth of a car and the rental or loan agreement you owe.

Antique or collector car insurance

Vehicle collectors who participate in car shows and parades, such as the Cincinnati Auto Show, will profit from our coverage. You may extend your auto insurance policy to include the same coverage you have on your daily driver (s). When assessing the agreed-upon value of a vehicle for debt reasons, depreciation is not taken into account, and claims paid will be paid according to depreciation.

Replacement Cost Plus

When a vehicle is totaled, the customer may choose between a new car replacement and breach insurance, giving them more options in the case of a complete loss. New cars with less than 1,000 miles on them from the previous model year must have Replacement Cost Plus added to the policy within 30 days after the purchase. If the automobile is totaled, the policyholder has two choices:

  • Invest in a new automobile with the same features and specifications
  • You’ll get the rest of your auto loan money here.

Personal Auto Plus

Cincinnati’s Personal Vehicle Plus endorsement is a great choice if you want extra gizmos and whistles with your car insurance. These insurance choices may or may not be available based on where you live. What’s the deal with that?

  • Replace the airbags. Cincinnati Insurance Company will pay the cost of a new airbag if it accidentally deploys, and it won’t take anything from your premium.
  • Benefits of using restraints for safety. There will be an increase in your medically supported limit if you are injured while using the manufacturer-installed seatbelt or child safety seat.
  • Expenses associated with getting from A to B. Cincinnati will raise the daily transportation expenditure coverage cap from $25 to $50 if an accident is involved.
  • Towing service. As a consequence of the $250 coverage increase, this benefit is usually an add-on.
  • Deductions have been waived. If you wreck your car, you’ll lose your allowance.
  • Payments made on top of the regular salary. A twofold additional payment benefit is available to you or your spouse if you or your spouse die as a consequence of an insured loss.
  • Disruption of a journey. In the event of a significant accident, mechanical failure, or electrical failure, you will be unable to drive for at least 24 hours, incurring expenses of up to $600 in transportation, housing, and food.
  • Deductions have also been eliminated; nevertheless, you must travel more than 100 kilometers from your home to take benefit of this insurance.
  • Replacing the lock is a simple process. This no-deductible insurance covers the replacement of your door locks up to $1,500 if your automobile keys are stolen or lost.
  • Replace the child safety seat. If your kid safety seat is damaged in an accident, Cincinnati will replace it free of charge and without asking for a deductible.
  • Deductible for glass is waived. Even the most conscientious motorists’ windshields may develop cracks over time. No deductible is required if you need to have the glass in your automobile repaired.

Capstone Collector Auto Coverage

Classic and antique car owners, as well as those who own sports cars and other high-end automobiles, would appreciate Cincinnati Insurance Company’s Capstone Collector Auto Coverage package. These benefits apply to both your daily driver and your classic automobile collection (s). States have different health insurance coverage alternatives.

Some of the advantages of utilizing it include the following:

  • Diminution in value. When covered damage is rectified, vehicle values will be reduced. If your automobile is wrecked, this insurance will reimburse you for the agreed-upon value of it.
  • Components that can be replaced. You’re insured for the cost of replacing components if your antique automobile is damaged.
  • It’s a good price. If your automobile is deemed a complete loss, you will be compensated in full.
  • New car replacement. Cincinnati will offer you a new automobile of the same model year for free if yours is stolen or ruined.
  • Components directly from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). When anything goes wrong with your car, you can count on getting genuine OEM parts to repair it.
  • Expenses associated with getting from A to B. Insurance for a rental automobile protects you while your own vehicle is being repaired and does not set a daily spending limit on how much you may spend.
  • There isn’t any deductible. Your deductible is waived if you need to repair a child safety restraint seat, an airbag, or a lock due to an accident involving your pet.
  • Towing service. Tire replacements, jump starts, flat tire repairs, towing, and fuel delivery are just some of the services offered by an emergency roadside assistance company.
  • Expenses associated with a cancelled trip. Expenses such as meals and lodging are reimbursed if your automobile breaks down more than 50 miles from your house.
  • Liability extends to the whole world. Your liability insurance covers you anywhere you go as long as you’re not restricted by US economic or travel restrictions.
  • Option for immediate payment in cash. If the cost of the physical damage exceeds 50% of the agreed-upon value of the automobile, you might choose for a cash settlement.

Cincinnati Car Insurance Company auto insurance discounts

Policyholders should bear in mind that Cincinnati provides a few benefits while shopping for insurance. There are several insurance companies that provide this kind of discount, so ask around.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle

  • Good driver. Getting a discount on your car insurance is much easier if your driving record is spotless.
  • Good student. 3.0 GPA or B average students may be eligible for certain reductions.
  • Multiple vehicles. Auto insurance policies that cover more than one car are not eligible for this discount.

Discounts according to the policy

  • Bundling/multi-policy. Combine your auto and home insurance policies for a multi-policy discount.
  • High deductible. Choose a $500 or greater deductible for collision and comprehensive insurance to lower your price.

Cincinnati RideWell telematics program

There is an app developed by Cincinnati that utilizes telematics to promote safe driving practices. Additionally, it looks at things like braking, speeding, harsh stops, and the usage of a mobile phone while driving. There is a 10% discount for drivers under 24 and a 5% discount for everyone else. According to the business, responsible driving might lead to an 18 percent discount.

How to cancel a Cincinnati Insurance Company policy

Cincinnati Financial doesn’t provide policyholders specific information on how to terminate coverage. In order to terminate a policy, policyholders must provide written notice of cancellation to their insurance agent.

Can I cancel my Cincinnati Insurance policy online?

You can’t cancel your Cincinnati insurance coverage online right now since that feature isn’t available yet. To cancel, contact customer care at 888-242-8811 or your local agent.

Cincinnati Insurance Company online features and app

Cincinnati Financial’s website stands out since most insurance company websites provide the opportunity to create online quotations. Since Cincinnati Insurance depends on local agents rather than having its own website, this link directs readers to a platform that makes it easier for them to locate companies that provide insurance products from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Policies holders, on the other hand, are not restricted from filing claims online if they create an account. The company’s mobile app, Cincinnati, is accessible on iOS and Android devices. This software allows policyholders to do the following tasks:

  • Take care of your responsibilities, such as paying your payments.
  • Access to insurance policies and proof of identity cards for automobiles
  • Make a call to a customer service agent.
  • Send in your claim as soon as possible.
  • Prepare for vehicle glass replacement and submit insurance claims
  • A service and repair provider should be selected before anything else happens.
  • Ask for assistance from a passing motorist for aid.
  • Join Cincinnati’s RideWell telematics program.

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