Mitsubishi Insurance Rates

Vehicle insurance rates are based on a vehicle’s safety rating, theft and replacement pricing, and overall vehicle vulnerability.

Lower Mitsubishi insurance rates due to increased safety ratings in Mitsubishi vehicles. Finally, these cars are also cheaper than normal, so it won’t break the budget to replace or maintain them.

It should be easy to find an insurance carrier that will insure your automobile because Mitsubishis are so common.

Pros and cons of insuring a Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi insurance Rates-Mitsubishi Logo


  • Not commonly targeted by thieves
  • Low purchase price means lower insurance premiums
  • Good safety ratings on many newer models


  • Only decent safety ratings on some models

About the Mitsubishi brand

Mitsubishi may be traced all the way back to the founder Yataro Iwasaki, who founded the shipping firm in 1870. However, the Model A from Mitsubishi became the first passenger car built in Japan in 1917.

Only in 1971 did Mitsubishi sell their first vehicle in America. The Mitsubishi logo wasn’t first introduced in the United States until ten years later. Mitsubishi has historically been a popular brand among customers.

What’s Mitsubishi My Garage?

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Mitsubishi car facts

  • Mitsubishi began operations in the United States in 1982. Initially, the vehicles were sold in just 22 states.
  • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that dates all the way back to 1917.
  • Mitsubishi automobiles are marketed in more than 160 countries worldwide

Bottom line

It is extremely uncommon, unless you have a mistake on your driving record or low credit, for you to get inexpensive auto insurance for your Mitsubishi. Even if you have researched, make sure you acquire the best vehicle insurance coverage.

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