Cadillac ATS Car Insurance Rates

The Cadillac ATS is a mid-size luxury sedan that costs a lot of money. The average cost of Cadillac ATS car insurance is $173 per year or $13 per month. The cost of car insurance is 6% more than the national average, at an annual base price of $4,595.

Variables that may affect your Car insurance rates

Cadillac ATS Car Insurance Rates - Cadillac Logo
  • A Cadillac ATS model’s year of production
  • The vehicle’s exterior trim
  • The level of protection you need
  • The significance of your year-long trip
  • Elements of your vehicle’s security and safety relating to theft
  • Driver’s Credit Score and Location
  • The driver’s age
  • Driving records over the past five years for all drivers
  • A vehicle’s state of repair
  • The nature of your sexual orientation (or the driver)
  • Regardless of whether the driver leases, rents, or buys the vehicle.

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