Buick Encore Car Insurance Cost

Buick Encore car insurance cost In the typical year, will be about $2,856. The final cost to you may vary based on criteria like your driving record, the amount of miles you travel each year, and other variables.

This is based on the driving habits of a 40-year-old person with excellent credit and a full coverage vehicle that travels approximately 13,000 miles per year. They also believe that with a brand-new vehicle, customers only get single-car insurance, and therefore will not take advantage of any multi-car savings.

There is a significant lot of variance in insurance rates, depending on factors such as age, state, insurance provider, and mileage. Traffic infractions, tickets, and bad credit may also influence these rates.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has bestowed a five-star safety certification on the 2021 Buick Encore GX.

The NHTSA awarded the subcompact crossover the maximum possible five stars in frontal and side crash tests, as well as four stars in the rollover crash test, for a total of five stars.

The IIHS assesses the 2019 Encore’s crash protection as generally “Good,” with an “Acceptable” rating for the more rigorous passenger-side minor impact scenario.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for Your Buick Encore?

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Your Buick Encore may be insured in a variety of ways. In certain jurisdictions, you must have car insurance in order to be on the road, but in other places, you have the choice of buying extra coverage. Before making a final decision, it is important to speak with your local independent insurance agent to understand your options.
This mandated coverage includes the following:

Bodily Injury Liability

If you have been in a vehicle accident that causes harm to other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians, bodily injury liability will pay for your medical costs. It will also pay the earnings the individual would have received if they had been unable to work because of an injury.

Property Damage Liability

You will be financially covered if you or someone driving your automobile destroys another person’s property. Damage to your vehicle will not be covered by property damage liability. 

Many states require this coverage: 

Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection

Most car accidents result in injury to you or your passengers. Medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP) coverage covers essential medical care for you and anybody in your vehicle. PIP insurance is available in “no-fault” states and is usually needed. Medical payments coverage is provided anywhere else.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage compensates for damage to your car if you are engaged in a hit-and-run situation or if another driver does not have adequate insurance to cover your losses.

Optional Coverage:


If you cause an accident, collision coverage will pay for damage to other people’s property on your behalf. When a loss occurs, collision coverage may help you save money out of your own pocket.


Even while parked in the safety of your garage, your Buick Encore is at danger. Your car may be damaged as a result of a natural catastrophe, a storm, or other occurrence. Comprehensive coverage will protect you in the event of harm.

Glass Coverage

The cost of replacing the windshield on your Buick Encore may range between $300 and $500. Rather of incurring that expense on your own, you may have your windshield replaced with zero-deductible glass coverage. This insurance endorsement is typically minor and well worth the few dollars more in premium.

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance will be required if you are financing or leasing your Buick Encore. If you are in a complete loss accident, gap coverage will reimburse the difference between the car’s value and the amount still owed. You will have to pay the difference out of pocket if you do not have gap insurance.

What Affects the Cost of Insurance for Your Buick Encore

The insurance rates for your Buick Encore will be determined by a number of variables. It’s not just about the car. Younger drivers, for example, will pay higher insurance rates since they have less experience and are more likely to cause accidents. Insurance will cost you $5,196 per year if you drive an adolescent Buick Encore.

The lowest yearly average cost for comprehensive coverage in the United States is $815. Multiple moving infractions or an at-fault collision will classify you as a high-risk driver. Buick Encore insurance costs an average of $3,052 per year for a high-risk driver.

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