BMW i4 Car Insurance Rates

The BMW i3 hatchback and i8 sports cars are part of the BMW i4 Luxury Car Sedan series of electric automobiles. Given the i4’s electric motor and athletic design, expect the range assurance to be greater than that of a standard BMW sedan. The BMW i4 car insurance rates is projected to have monthly expenses of $227 and annual prices of $2,724 on average. There is a 5-percent yearly premium increase above the domestic average at a base cost of $50,000, making this a very affordable luxury vehicle.

How do I compare insurance for the BMW i4?

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In order to determine your insurance premiums, you must consider a number of different factors, including: Owning an electric vehicle is quite similar to owning a conventional car.

  • Body type. The i4 is a compact sports car found at the bottom of the insurance company’s product line-up. That’s more affordable than a pickup vehicle, but still superior to a vintage car.
  • Fuel. The benefit of an electric car is that it can be charged entirely without using any fuel.
  • The motor’s output power. Several energy and pricing options are available for the BMW i4, but the ideal option would be two electric motors with a complete range and a 0–60 time of 4 seconds. Because of the increased power, insurance may be more expensive than for vehicles that are less powerful or expensive.
  • Robbery frequency is on the rise. There isn’t much theft data available since the model is so young, but the BMW 3 Series is the least targeted vehicle in the United States. Even the i4 may be underpowered.
  • Maintenance. Because of BMW’s reputation for building dependable vehicles, the i4 is likely to have cheap insurance premiums. The BMW i3 is the most affordable electric car in the United States.
  • Coverage. With a $50,000 down payment, you’d want collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance for your i4. You may also make an effort to keep the glass safe.
  • Alternative coverage. Insurance companies that cover the i4 should be able to shop around for the lowest price. There should be no restrictions.
  • Warranty. BMW’s Ultimate Care Supplement provides roadside assistance and covers 36,000 to 48,000 miles of driving for the i4. The program’s lifespan may be extended by 1 to 4 years, or by up to 50k to 125k kilometers.
  • Fabricator’s offer. As well as cash back and APRs, BMW often offers discounts on its electric vehicle lineup via the manufacturer.

Does the BMW i4 qualify for discounts?

As an additional bonus, some insurance companies provide the following electric car discount:

  • Electric vehicle discount
  • New car discount
  • Antitheft discount
  • Anti Lock brake discount
  • Passive restraint discount

Why is insurance so expensive for the i4?

Electric and high-end, the BMW i4 is a two-in-one machine. As a result of expensive replacements and expanded coverage, both of these features boost insurance rates.

How reliable is the BMW i4?

Check out the new BMW’s safety rating by looking at the various BMW grades.

  • Safety. The US News gives the BMW i3 a security rating of 9.2 out of 10. A good grade, an advanced front-competition rating, and adequate back-competition rating are all given by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The BMW i4 also includes the same safety features.
  • Reliability. Other models should have the same level of confidence in themselves as BMW has. Consumer Reports has given the BMW i3 high marks for dependability. Two i4 electric engines with a combined range of 350 miles have surfaced, according to early sources.
  • Recalls. As a result, the i4 has the same rate of reminders as any other BMW electric vehicle model.

Bottom line

Insuring an i4 is more expensive since it’s a premium sports electric vehicle. However, you may offset the high insurance costs by going electric or otherwise saving on fuel. A health insurance company may also offer you additional savings and a luxury automobile as a perk.

Compare and save on your BMW i4 insurance by getting quotes from several providers. You may also check out our review of BMW i3 Insurance Rates.