Best Car Insurance for Military & Veterans

Car insurance costs approximately $1,600 per year on average for the minimal minimum coverage required, but only if you have good credit and a clean driving record. If you have a few blemishes on your credit or driving record — or just want to increase your coverage — you might wind yourself paying substantially more.

Fortunately, as a veteran, active military member, or family member of a military person, you may be eligible for special discounts that can considerably decrease your annual vehicle insurance rates. The money can then be used to pay for extra coverage or simply saved for a rainy day.

If that sounds precisely like what you’re searching for, simply utilize our guide to learn about the best auto insurance companies for veterans and military families. You can use this information to enroll in a low-cost policy that provides adequate coverage.

Which company provides the best military car insurance?

For you, the perfect military vehicle insurance company is one that provides enough coverage at a reasonable price. There is no one-size-fits-all answer because everyone’s situation is different. Your ultimate pricing is affected by your location, the type of vehicle you drive, the total number of automobiles you own, and a variety of other personal considerations in addition to your driving record and credit score.

However, when it comes to offering auto insurance to veterans, active-duty military members, and retired military personnel, a few companies stand out objectively, including:

USAA: The Most Affordable Insurance for Veterans and Active Military Personnel

Many veterans, active military people, and their families have found success with USAA in obtaining the most affordable vehicle insurance rates. For basic coverage, USAA members pay less than $1,100 per year on average, which is far less than the rates paid by State Farm, Allstate, and other big insurers. Switching to USAA Business saves members an average of $707 per year, according to the company.

In addition, for cars that must be maintained for more than 30 days, they provide a 60 percent discount on auto insurance. As a result, if you’re deployed and won’t be able to drive for an extended period of time, you may lower your insurance rates without having to cancel your coverage.

Despite its cheap prices, USAA continually provides its members with the highest quality of service and assistance. They even got the top overall customer satisfaction rating in J.D. Power’s 2020 the United States Auto Insurance Study.

Geico: Best Car Insurance Discount for Military Personnel

Due to its great military discount, Geico is a feasible alternative if you want a civilian-oriented auto insurance company but still want to save money. They often add 15% to already cheap rates, bringing their costs much below those of their competitors.

In addition to their regular monthly premium reduction, they will reduce your charges by 25% during emergency deployments. To be eligible, you must be stationed in a Defense Department-designated high-risk pay zone and keep your vehicles in a secure storage facility.
Active and retired military personnel, veterans, and their families are eligible for discounts.

They also provide insurance savings to Reserve and National Guard personnel. Foreign coverage is available to all qualifying service members depending on their personal preferences.

Despite the fact that Geico is a massive company with over 16 million clients, it consistently receives positive customer feedback. They continuously prioritize excellent customer service in whatever they do. As a result, they have a high degree of satisfaction, especially when it comes to insurance options and costs. They also make it easier to save money by bundling your auto, boat, and house insurance policies.

Arbella: The Best Discount by a Smaller Insurance Company

Despite their high customer satisfaction ratings, major automobile insurance companies have an impersonal atmosphere that may not be appropriate for your requirements. If you want auto insurance from a small business but still require a deployment discount, Arbella could be the best option for you.

Arbella auto insurance is offered in Massachusetts and Connecticut, with a 10% discount for military personnel stationed more than 100 miles from their vehicle. They also provide discounts on a variety of automobiles, anti-theft devices, and packaged insurance plans. In addition, if you pay your bill in full each year, you will earn a 6% discount.

Arbella customers are typically satisfied, despite their limited service region. Because they are a small firm, they are able to provide a more customized service when it comes to organizing and administering your insurance. They’re always available by phone to handle your issues, answer your questions, and make any required policy adjustments to guarantee you get the degree of protection you desire.

Armed Forces Insurance: Overall, the best military car insurance company

By calling an insurance company, you may obtain numerous quotations and assistance in deciding between your alternatives. If you require this type of service, contact Armed Forces Insurance. They’ll enter your information into their system and contact all of the major insurers for estimates. They’ll next layout your alternatives for you, explaining why each is a suitable fit for your scenario.

In addition to offering vehicle insurance to military personnel, veterans, and their families, they are delighted to assist Department of Defense workers. They continuously provide exceptional service to all of their clients, resulting in a favorable industry reputation. You can count on them to go above and above in finding the most appropriate vehicle insurance policy for your needs at the most affordable price and coverage level.

To determine which of these auto insurance companies gives the most value for your money, you’ll need to do some comparison shopping. Fortunately, obtaining quotes and comparing them side by side simplifies the process of locating the most affordable insurance.

What Are the Differences in Car Insurance Policies for Military and Veterans?

When it comes to vehicle insurance, service people, veterans, and their families deserve the same level of protection as the rest of the road. The worth of your car, your risk tolerance, your budget, and a number of other personal considerations all play a role in determining the amount of coverage that is appropriate for your circumstances. If you need help estimating the right amount of coverage, you should speak with an assigned broker at an insurance company like Armed Forces Insurance.

Your coverage is equal to that of the general public after your policy is formed with your chosen military auto insurance company. You keep your insurance in good standing by paying your premiums on time and making any required modifications to ensure that you have enough coverage. You may file a claim if you are in an accident, have your car stolen, or detect any theft attempts or other vandalism, depending on your coverage kinds and limits.

The best auto insurance providers for military personnel, on the whole, offer consistently cheap prices, considerable monthly discounts, and other perks like price reductions while your vehicle is in storage. Additionally, they should have excellent customer service that allows you to make adjustments on the go.

If you have to deploy, for example, your car insurance provider should make it easy for you to take advantage of their storage discount. They should also be able to change your coverage levels quickly, alert you when lower rates become available, and generally assist you with policy administration as needed.

If you’re storing a vehicle during deployment, keep the following in mind.

You will need vehicle insurance that offers a discount for overseas coverage. Depending on your insurance selection, you may save between 10% and 60% on your monthly payment during your deployment.

Each insurance company that offers a deployment discount has its own set of restrictions. You could be forced to cancel some types of coverage and store your vehicle in an approved parking facility. You will be required to sign and file an affidavit of non-use with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Unless your car is paid for and not in use, canceling your insurance exposes you to damage, vandalism, and theft. Also, if you choose to continue driving your automobile, the cancellation procedure leaves you back where you started.

Payments on your automobile would make your situation even more precarious. Be ready to keep collision and comprehensive coverage until the last payment is completed. Your lender may penalize you for breach of contract if you cancel your insurance.

It is thus recommended that you talk with a customer service representative before registering to ensure you comprehend the policy’s conditions.
Additionally, to guarantee your car looks and feels wonderful upon your return, do the following:

  • Both the inside and external surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly, and the paint re-waxed.
  • Perform any essential maintenance services and have the fluids cleaned or topped off as needed.
  • Connect a battery tender to the negative wire of your car to prevent the batteries from losing charge.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank to keep the gasoline as fresh as possible.
  • Leave the emergency brake off and secure your car with tire chocks.
  • Purchase a car cover and attach it securely around your vehicle while it is being kept.

Additionally, enlist the assistance of a trustworthy friend or family member to do frequent inspections of your storage area for signs of rats and other creatures. If they discover any, they will need to install and monitor traps or hire an exterminator to keep the animals away from your vehicle.

Coverage of International Automobiles

If you are stationed overseas and wish to use a personal car, international auto insurance is required. Except for Geico’s plans, the vast majority of vehicle insurance policies do not include trip coverage. Rather than that, you require coverage that is customized to the insurance laws of the temporary resident state. If you are posted to Japan, for example, you must get Japanese Compulsory Insurance before using a motor vehicle there.

To begin, ascertain if you can move your own vehicle or will need to rent one upon arrival. After deciding on a vehicle to purchase, you may begin requesting insurance quotes. Prior to doing so, contact your present insurance carrier to enquire about overseas policies.

Apart from ensuring appropriate coverage, don’t forget to acquire an international driver’s license, which will allow you to legally drive on public roadways regardless of where you are stationed. Alternatively, if you possess a valid state-issued driver’s license, you may get an American Automobile Association international driving permit (AAA).

How to Save Money on Car Insurance for Active Military and Veterans

Military people and veterans may save the most money on vehicle insurance by choosing a company that provides discounted monthly premiums. Additionally, if you are stationed away from home and are required to park your automobile, your chosen insurance provider should provide a deployment discount.
Along with the possibility of monthly or yearly rate savings, military-friendly automobile plans should contain the following:

  • A specialized customer care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Access to a military payment plan that is flexible and aligns with your pay schedule
  • On request, foreign automobile insurance is available.
  • Assistance is provided immediately to people facing deployment in an emergency.

Because each car insurance provider offers a unique combination of discounts and benefits, it is critical to obtain estimates from each before signing up. You may simply obtain estimates online or by contacting the customer service department of a business. Prepare all of your car and driver information, as well as an idea of the types and amounts of coverage you want, to expedite the process.

Which Insurance Companies Provide Discounts to Military Personnel?

Not all auto insurance companies offer military people discounts. Progressive, for instance, does not offer unique discounts to certain customers. While they may offer a lower monthly fee, they may be lacking in useful services. As a consequence, it is usually prudent to seek out insurance companies that offer discounts to military members, veterans, and their families. Apart from that, you may choose a firm that gives additional discounts. The following are only a few of the greatest alternatives.

USAA Military Car Insurance Discount

USAA offers the cheapest military auto insurance available today, with annual premiums average under $1,100. They provide exceptional savings to military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Additionally, they provide a 15% discount on comprehensive coverage if you reside on base and keep your car in a garage. If you live in California, however, you qualify for a 5% reduction on your insurance, which includes collision coverage.

Additionally, if you are deployed on an emergency basis, you may call USAA to receive a monthly premium savings of up to 60% while your car is in storage. When you drive a government vehicle, you are automatically covered for additional responsibility in the event that you are found at fault in an accident.

You may further reduce your rates by enrolling in the company’s other insurance products, which include motorcycle, recreational vehicle, and boat insurance. If you obtain renters insurance via them while stationed on base, you will not only save money on auto insurance but will also receive a 20% discount.

Esurance Military Car Insurance

Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, says that consumers save an average of $460 when they switch vehicle insurance policies. As with a huge number of other online auto insurance providers, they offer everyday low prices to diverse customers. What they do not provide is a discount for military or veteran automobile insurance.

Instead, they provide discounts on the following:

  • Multiple policies
  • Good students
  • Brand-new cars
  • Safe driving club
  • Vehicle safety devices

Additionally, if you sign your policy within seven days of receipt, you may qualify for a discount. Additionally, you may save money by subscribing in their paperless insurance documents and EZ pay service.

While Esurance does not provide a military discount, choosing them as your insurance carrier may still save you money. Keep in mind that these exclude military benefits such as subsidized emergency deployment.

Geico Military Car Insurance Discount

On top of their already low prices, Geico provides a considerable military auto insurance discount of up to 15%. Additionally, they provide a 25% discount on premiums if you are deployed to specific locations and park your vehicle.
Additionally, if you are a member of one of the following organizations, you may qualify for additional discounts:

  • Association of the United States Army
  • Armed Forces Benefit Association
  • Navy League of the United States
  • Navy Federal Credit Union

The amount of the car insurance discount is dependent on your unique circumstances, coverage requirements, and other critical variables. Additionally, you must fulfill all of their eligibility conditions to receive the savings. To qualify for the emergency deployment discount, for example, you must have been directed by the Department of Defense to deploy to high-risk pay zones. Additionally, prior to departure, you must lock your car using Geico’s authorized storage security plan.

Apart from military discounts, Geico offers further discounts if you have several policies with the company or have not been in an accident in the last five years. Additionally, if you are a government employee, a student, or over the age of 50, you may save money. Additional premium reductions may be possible if your vehicle includes specific safety features such as airbags, anti-theft systems, and anti-lock brakes.

State Farm Military Car Insurance Discount

State Farm offers a 25% military vehicle insurance discount to Louisiana veterans, active military members, and retirees. If you move out of state but your family stays in Louisiana, your family may still qualify for a State Farm insurance discount. Because this discount is only available to residents of a certain state, you must contact your insurance provider and request that it be applied to your policy.

While All-State may not always provide military discounts, they do offer several ways to save money on insurance, including the following:

  • Up to 30 percent off with your enrollment in Drive Safe & Safe app
  • Up to 20 percent savings upon joining their Steer Clear safe driver program
  • 10 to 15 percent off for taking approved driver safety courses
  • Up to 25 percent savings for full-time students with a 3.0 GPA or better
  • Up to 20 percent off for insuring two or more vehicles through their company

Additionally, they, like the majority of insurance firms, provide discounts on extra forms of insurance, such as renters, condo, and homeowner insurance. While the savings might mount up quickly if you fulfill a couple of their conditions, they exclude any military benefits that make life easier or less stressful.

Liberty Mutual Military Car Insurance Discount

Liberty Mutual will provide a discount on the complete insurance if one of the policyholders is a veteran, active duty, or retired member of the military. They do not give discounts for emergency deployments, but they do offer a variety of other cost-cutting strategies.
Along with their military discount, this auto insurer offers the following extra benefits:

  • A cheaper rate when you sign up for a plan before your current policy expires
  • Lower premiums if you have a B average or better in your college courses
  • Discounts for students who are away at college and still on the family policy
  • Decreased rates for homeowners, especially if they bundle their insurance

If you drive a contemporary automobile with sophisticated safety features, a hybrid vehicle, or an anti-theft device for your vehicle, you may be able to save even more money on your insurance.

Additional discounts will show on your insurance if you maintain an accident-free driving record or enroll in the RightTrack program. After the system verifies that you are a safe driver, you may qualify for up to a 30% monthly cost reduction through that program.

The General Military Car Insurance Discount

The General provides military discounts on automobile insurance solely to citizens of Louisiana. To be eligible for this discount, you must complete the form under ‘Application for Military Discount’ completely and accurately.
They do not provide discounts for emergency deployments, but do provide cost savings in certain circumstances, including the following:

  • Paying for six- or twelve-month policies in full
  • Insuring full-time students with good grades
  • Having multiple vehicles insured under one policy
  • Being a homeowner and bundling insurance through their company
  • Completing an approved defensive driving course

Additionally, you can save money if you have not received a citation or been involved in an accident in the past three to five years.

Additionally, you may qualify for additional reductions if you drive a car fitted with passive restraints and other sophisticated safety features.

Above all, The General takes pleasure in insuring drivers who would be denied coverage by other companies. This company can provide you with vehicle insurance regardless of whether you are a first-time car owner, require an SR-22, or have a history of driving offenses. Your credit score, driving record, and other personal criteria will determine whether or not it is cheap.

Direct Auto Military Car Insurance Discount

In comparison to other auto insurance companies, Direct Auto Insurance exclusively gives a discount to active military members. As a result, retirees and veterans may need to search for more inexpensive coverage options. You must demonstrate your active status as a member by submitting a copy of your most current military orders or other appropriate documents. Additionally, you must be a resident of Alabama, Florida, or Louisiana. Discounts are not available to active military members residing in other states.

If you qualify for their military discount, you may save up to 25% on several types of coverage, including the following:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured motorist

On the other hand, your discount will not be applied to optional coverage categories like personal injury protection.

Additional discounts are available via Direct Auto Insurance if your business has several vehicles or policies. Additionally, exceptional students, pensioners, and homeowners are automatically eligible for price reductions.

Additionally, you may save money by reducing the amount of time you spend each year in your automobile. If you keep your yearly mileage between 7,500 and 15,000 miles, for example, you may save 5% on your annual premium.

Arbella Military Car Insurance Discount

Arbella may save active military personnel up to 10% on their auto insurance plans. Veterans and former military personnel are not eligible for a discount on Direct Auto Insurance.

Additionally, to be considered an active duty, you must be stationed at least 100 miles from the garage where you park your automobile. As a result, those who are deployed and leave their vehicle in storage are encouraged to get this insurance coverage. Additionally, they provide coverage solely to residents of Connecticut and Massachusetts, respectively.

Additionally, they provide a variety of other incentives. You may save up to 6% by paying your bill in full each year, and you can save up to 13% by bundling your insurance with Arbella Insurance Agency. If you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, your insurance provider may be able to reduce your premium by 10%, and adding additional vehicles may result in a further 2% reduction.

Additionally, you will qualify for extra savings if you travel fewer than 10,000 miles each year and have successfully completed their basic and advanced driver training courses. You will not be disappointed if you select any of these insurance providers. To choose amongst them, begin by getting estimates and comparing the types of coverage, limits, and price that each offers.

Insurance Resources for Veterans, Active Military Personnel, and Their Families

If you are a veteran, service member, or immediate family member, you must obtain quotes from all of your chosen insurance carriers.

Prepare to collect a minimum of three quotations. Determine your insurance coverage and then adjust your budget to accommodate it.

After determining which insurance company offers the most value for money, you may enroll, make the initial payment, and activate your policy. This can be accomplished by email, a portal, or the postal service.

Examine each document attentively to ensure that everything is to your liking. Is it necessary to raise your insurance? Contact your insurance provider and inform them of your options.

Pay your monthly premium on time or make a lump sum payment at the start of each year. Annual billing enables you to get frequent reductions on your premium, making it an efficient method to save money.

Ensure that you obtain estimates every few years to determine whether you may find a better deal elsewhere. Your driving record improves, resulting in lower rates while maintaining the amount of coverage you choose.

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