Bentley Continental Car Insurance Rates

According to our findings, monthly insurance premiums for a Bentley Continental range from $270 to $1,900, or $3,240 to $22,800 per year. Not many service providers will take on such a high level of risk.

How to compare insurance for the Bentley Continental

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It’s not uncommon for Bentley Continental vehicle insurance to cost above $100 per year. If you’re shopping for Bentley Continental insurance, keep these things in mind:

  • Price. It’s not always a good idea to save money on a premium car like the Bentley Continental since repairs may be very costly. To get the best deal, combine it with enough coverage in case you need to make a claim.
  • Deductible. When it comes to insuring your Bentley, a large deductible may not be beneficial in the long term. Before your insurance starts paying out, you’ll need to have money set aside in case of an accident that needs expensive repairs.
  • Coverage. Most people who drive luxury cars choose insurance coverage choices that go above and beyond the bare minimums required by their states. Investigate the possibility of enhancing your insurance with collision and comprehensive coverage to help pay for any unexpectedly costly repairs.
  • Restrictions. Your choices may be limited if your insurance company won’t cover a powerful sports vehicle like the Continental.
  • Offers made by the manufacturer. On all new Bentleys, there is a three-year, unrestricted-mileage roadside support plan.

Why is insurance so expensive for the Bentley Continental?

For the Bentley Continental, insurance premiums are higher simply because of the car’s reliance on costly foreign components. In addition, not all insurance companies are willing to cover such a powerful sports vehicle, restricting your choices and giving the insurance provider greater control over the price.

What factors affect car insurance for the Bentley Continental?

Due to the rarity and importation of repair parts, luxury sports automobiles like the Bentley Continental are more costly to insure than comparable vehicles.

In addition, the engine, features, and price of each trim package may influence your insurance premiums.

The Bentley Continental is available in five trim levels, each with a distinct price tag.

Does the Bentley Continental qualify for discounts?

Because of the Bentley Continental’s safety features, you may be able to save money on insurance.

  • Airbags
  • An anti theft alarm system
  • Anti Lock brakes
  • Stability control
  • Seatbelt pretensioners

Reliability and safety ratings for the Bentley Continental

This sports vehicle lacks official dependability and safety ratings. Bentley, on the other hand, has recently developed a bad reputation as one of the least dependable automobile manufacturers.

Luxury automobiles have a higher incidence of breakdowns, and replacement components may be prohibitively costly and difficult to come by. When a repair is required, the time it takes to get back on the road may be longer than anticipated.

The dependability of a used Bentley, based on internet owner evaluations, seems to be more of a concern. Annual mileage on your Continental may also affect its dependability and repair costs. The more you drive, the more often your Continental will need maintenance.

Bentley Continental maintenance

Owning a high-end vehicle such as a Bentley Continental may be very expensive. With yearly maintenance, oil changes may cost up to $500, while everything else may cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or need maintenance on your Bentley, be prepared to shell out a significant sum of money to have it repaired. A professional technician or Bentley dealership may charge you more since not just any mechanic will work on a Bentley.

Bottom line

Elegant, quick, and spectacular are all words that describe Bentleys. This means that your insurance, repair, and maintenance expenses will all be higher than the national average.

When you compare vehicle insurance quotes from several companies, you may discover the coverage choices you need at a price that is within your means.

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