Audi RS5 Car Insurance Rates

The 2018 Audi RS 5 is now on sale in the United States. Due to Audi’s excellent customer service, obtaining coverage is usually a cinch. A premium sports vehicle like this won’t be the cheapest to insure. An Audi RS5 car insurance policy will set you back around $200 dollars a month, or $2,400 a year. Your service provider, driving record, insurance coverage, and government involvement all go into the final cost.

How to compare insurance for the Audi RS 5

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Automobile insurance is the best kind of coverage for most people. You may switch insurance carriers as a client by changing your policy, coverage, and optional coverage.

You should bear in mind that you’re trying to get Audi RS 5 car insurance.

  • Price. Decide on the level of coverage you need to get the most bang for your buck, and shop around for the best deal.
  • Various levels of protection are available. Audi RS 5 is a luxury vehicle, therefore the losses should be covered beyond the state’s minimum liability requirements in case of an accident.
  • Extras. Accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, and disappearance deductibles are common extra coverage options offered by most insurance companies.
  • Restrictions. When it comes to insurance, the RS 5 is a premium sports vehicle, but insurance companies won’t cover young people in it because of its high cost. Other countries may place limitations on ridesharing or on something else entirely. To prevent coverage gaps or future rejections, get familiar with these terms as soon as possible.
  • Warranty. Depending on when you buy your car, the Audi New Car Limited Warranty covers it for four years or 50,000 miles. You will also get four years of free Audi roadside assistance, eliminating the need for extra roadside protection from your insurance policy.

What special programs does Audi offer for the RS 5?

Are you in the military? Employees of the military, public service, and defense sectors who are stationed abroad may get discounts on new Audi vehicles as part of the Audi Military Sales and Expatriate Program.

Owners of any new Audi, including the RS5, may get a $1,000 loan if they sign up for the Audi Owner Loyalty Program in 2017 or 2018.

What factors affect car insurance for the Audi RS 5?

Your supplier determines your premium and driving history, as well as where you reside, what vehicle you drive, and how frequently you drive it. Insurance companies pay attention to details like the number of kilometers driven, the body type, and the horsepower of the engine.

When it comes to Audi RS 5 car insurance, here are some things to consider:

  • Body type. The RS 5 is a mid-size premium sports coupe. Because it’s shaped like a cup, it has a fixed ceiling and doors on each side. Under these conditions, it’s a costly vehicle to insure.
  • Fuel option. The turbocharged engine and use of premium gasoline in the Audi RS 5 may raise the cost of insurance.
  • Type of car. The insurance premiums for a sports car are often higher.
  • Theft. The RS 5 isn’t a target for auto thieves. With their low theft rates, Audis may help you save on your auto insurance.
  • Repairs. In a high-end sports car, replacing or repairing body damage is an expensive proposition. Despite the fact that the vehicle was built in another country, there are approved service centers for Audi all across the country, and the company offers a comprehensive warranty program for its maintenance.
  • Safety features. Modern safety features including several airbags, a redesigned camera, and a centralized locking mechanism are standard on the RS 5. As a result of the decreased danger of damage to people and property in an accident, insurance premiums are lower.

Driver factors and insurance costs

Your provider will consider your age, gender, marital status, and history when calculating your premium. If you haven’t had a serious traffic infraction in the last three to five years, you’ll likely receive better rates.

In addition, your insurer will look into your credit history and any potential drivers you want to add to your policy in the future. As long as it’s not used by minors or someone with a spotty driving record, you may demand a greater price for your vehicle.

There is a danger in all of this, and the more hazardous your business is, the more expensive your insurance will be.

Does the Audi RS5 qualify for discounts?

Yes. The following discounts may be applied to your insurance policy by your provider, reducing your premiums by 5-30%:

  • New car discount
  • Antitheft discount
  • Passive restraint discount
  • Automatic lights and wipers discount

You may also be entitled to driver discounts depending on your provider.

Reliability and safety ratings for the Audi RS 5

Only recently has the 2018 Audi RS 5 arrived in US showrooms, thus the vehicle has not yet been subjected to NHTSA or the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety crash testing.

Almost all of Audi’s 2018 NHTS vehicles received five-star overall safety ratings.

Dual stage, knee and head-curtain airbags are standard on the RS 5, as are parking sensors, a backup camera and an electronic locking system. Other optional features include tire pressure monitoring and a brake anti-lock system. By purchasing anti-theft devices and other safety precautions, you may save money on your insurance.

There have been no reports of RS 5 recalls. NHTSA has not received any consumer complaints to date, despite its efforts.

Consider the case of gasoline. Here’s what you’ll find out. 15.3 gallons of water may be stored in the cup. With current gas and a 45 percent highway tax and a 55 percent city tax, a year’s worth of driving the RS 5 costs $2,450 in fuel. It is shown in Gasoline Economy that the typical new car costs 52 dollars to refill the tank, and that the gasoline costs would be 4,500 dollars more over the period of five years.

What you don’t know about Audi

When Audi began conducting crash testing in 1939, it set the standard for other manufacturers to follow. They used to demonstrate their vehicles’ safety by rolling them down a hill. It’s simple, but it’s effective!

Audi literally translates as “listening,” yet with the RS 5, you’ll have to struggle to hear anything at all. The sports vehicle is fast, reaching 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds, but it’s also very comfortable. Reviewers of automobiles must contend with how silent the vehicle seems from a distance.

Compare Audi RS 5 competitors

Want a different manufacturer for your next car? Find cars that are similar to the Audi RS 5 in terms of their manufacturers and models.

Bottom line

The Audi RS 5 is a high-end sports vehicle. Additionally, insurers are aware that this implies you have the ability to drive it – and drive it quickly – on a regular basis.

Insurance is usually more costly, but loyalty, defensive driving, or security incentives may help you save money. Even in the first four years, the maintenance and guarantee program is quite solid, so anticipate spending very little money on maintenance.

Before purchasing RS 5 insurance, shop around to compare rates. You may also compare and check out our review of BMW M4 Insurance Rates.