Aston Martin Car Insurance Rates

Aston Martin car insurance rates may be expensive, depending on the provider, your driving history, your credit history, and a variety of other considerations. Although it was not the most costly car brand to insure in 2017, Aston Martin was among the most expensive. You should expect to spend upwards of $2,700 a year — or over $225 per month — to ensure these high-end wheels on average.

Compare car insurance for Aston Martins

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An Aston Martin’s elegant and powerful design necessitates the involvement of a high-end insurance provider. It is possible to obtain coverage for Aston Martins via a few well-known insurance companies; however, you may have to check into specialist insurers for exotic automobiles and sports cars. Classic car insurance is a term used to describe this kind of coverage.

How a vehicle from Aston Martin affects insurance costs

High insurance expenses are a result of the exorbitant price of an Aston Martin automobile. Due to the high cost of repairing or replacing this piece of art, you can expect to pay a high insurance premium. Aston Martin insurance prices are high despite the fact that these vehicles are generally fitted with excellent safety systems and are seldom stolen — both of which contribute to lower insurance costs. The high cost of an Aston Martin makes it difficult to get affordable insurance coverage.

Are there any standout models?

“As near as possible to a Formula One vehicle without being confined to the track,” says Aston Martin of its Valkyrie hyper car, which will be the company’s first-ever. Developed in collaboration with Red Bull Innovative Technologies, this street-legal racing vehicle will be powered by a 6.5-liter V12 engine, an advanced mid-mounted drivetrain, and a body made entirely of carbon fiber. Only 150 Valkyries will be built, with a projected cost of $3.9 million for each vehicle.

Pros and cons of insuring an Aston Martin


  • Not commonly stolen


  • Produced outside the United States which increases insurance prices
  • The astronomically expensive price tag of this luxury vehicle implies insurance at the same amount

About the Aston Martin brand

The UK-based centuries-old Aston Martin manufactures the most beautiful and sought-after sports vehicles of today. It is claimed that only about 5 000 vehicles are produced annually by the business, which adds to its uniqueness.

Martin and his business partner Robert Bamford, named partially after founder Lionel Martin, produced their emblematic luxury vehicles without cost. The company’s unusually lengthy stability and reputation among the serious collectors were not just financial difficulties that resulted from war times. In August 2017, a 1956 Aston Martin DBR-1 sold at the Sotheby’s California Concours d’Elegance was really the most expensive British vehicle ever sold in the auction. A total of $22 million was sold. In reality.

What’s Q by Aston Martin?

It is possible to personalize your Aston Martin via Q by Aston Martin’s customization service. Q customers may collaborate with a design team to build their own one-of-a-kind, bespoke vehicle. The ideal Aston Martin is Aston Martin’s aim for its Q clients, who have the opportunity to design their own.

Aston Martin car facts

  • Aston Martins are not only some of the most costly automobiles on the market, but they are also some of the most expensive to insure. You’ll generally want more protection for your sports vehicle than just the bare minimum liability coverage, and you’ll want to supplement your liability coverage with an umbrella policy and comprehensive coverage.
  • The cost of insuring your Aston Martin varies based on the level of protection you want for your vehicle.
  • Specialty or high-end automobile insurance is not offered by every insurance provider. Compare insurance companies that specialize in high-performance automobiles.
  • Aston Martins are designed for safety, which would result in cheaper insurance rates if they were built for any other kind of vehicle. However, due to its rarity, an Aston Martin is not subjected to rigorous testing by the federal government, which has an impact on the official safety ratings that are accessible. You’ll be on the hook for costly insurance if your vehicle doesn’t have safety ratings.

Aston Martin competitors

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Should You Buy An Aston Martin?

The cost of insuring an Aston Martin is expensive, but we believe that if you are fortunate enough to be able to buy this luxury vehicle, you will be able to pay the insurance as well. However, be sure to search around to get the most affordable auto insurance.

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