Acura Insurance Rates

The Acura insurance rates average monthly is $166, which equates to $1,992 in annual insurance costs for the vehicle. Acura vehicles have insurance costs that are comparable to those of other automobiles, making Acura one of the more affordable luxury automobile manufacturers. Your specific price will be determined by a variety of factors, like where you reside, how long you’ve been driving, the model of Acura you purchase, and your age, to name a few.

Are Acura Insurance Rates is Affordable?

Acura Insurance Rates - Acura Logo

Honda’s upmarket line of automobiles is known as Acura. Despite their status as a luxury brand, Acuras aren’t prohibitively expensive to insure.

Acuras are dependable, safe vehicles that receive good safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on a regular basis, resulting in cheaper Acura insurance rates. They’re also less expensive to maintain because they’re on the lower end of the premium car price spectrum.

ModelMonthly Rate
Acura ILX$160
Acura MDX$193
Acura NSX$193
Acura RDX$155
Acura RDX$150
Acura TLX$150

Why The Acura NSX Stands Out

Acura also produces the NSX, a high-performance sports car that competes with Ferrari in terms of road performance and maintenance/repair costs; as a result, the NSX will have higher insurance premiums despite being built by Acura.

A common feature of sports cars is that they are driven aggressively, which increases the risk of being involved in a car accident. They are also far more expensive to maintain and repair than lower-end Acura vehicles, leading in a rise in the number of insurance claims filed by NSX drivers.

Car Stats About Acura

  • Acura is Honda’s luxury brand, which debuted in the United States in 1986 and has subsequently gone global.
  • Acura was the first luxury automaker to attain excellent safety scores across the board.
  • Acura, a Japanese luxury car brand, was the first of its kind, and the brand’s success inspired Nissan and Toyota to develop their own luxury car brands.
  • Prices start at $28,000 and may go up to $156,000.
  • In 2017, Acura sold approximately 154,602 vehicles in the United States.

AcuraWatch: Acura’s Best In Class Safety System

AcuraWatch features a variety of driver-assistance and safety systems in addition to the collision mitigation braking system, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, and road departure mitigation. All of these variables contribute to your Acura’s overall safety.

Acura’s third-row SUV, the MDX, includes the AcuraWatch system as standard equipment. AcuraWatch Plus can be added to other Acura vehicles for an extra fee. Depending on the model, you could spend up to $1,300 or even more.

Should You Buy An Acura?

Most Acuras are relatively affordable to insure when compared to other vehicles due to their great safety features. When looking for the most economical auto insurance rates, you must exercise caution.

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