AAA Car Insurance Review

AAA car insurance is only available to AAA club members. Each of the company’s auto insurance plans must satisfy federal and state regulations (liability, collision, comprehensive coverage, etc.). For drivers, AAA offers many cutting-edge coverage choices, as well as some basic rates. Take a look on this AAA Car Insurance Review.

Pros and Cons of AAA Insurance

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  • AAA offers a variety of insurance policies, including those for your home, vehicle, life, and pets.
  • The advantages of becoming a AAA member far outweigh the disadvantages.
  • Drivers under the age of 35, in particular, have a lot of confidence in the company.
    an extensive array of cuts


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AAA Auto Insurance Reviews

  • Claims satisfaction. AAA scored below average in the J.D. Power 2020 claims satisfaction study, which surveyed customers about their experiences filing claims.
  • Customer satisfaction. Out of 202 consumers, J.D. Power rated AAA’s customer service as “middle of the pack.”
  • Financial strength. As a result of AM Best’s A+ credit rating, AAA has a solid financial position.
  • Claims satisfaction (NAIC) — In comparison to the national average, the NAIC received a greater number of complaints against AAA members.

Where is AAA auto insurance available?

All fifty states and the District of Columbia provide AAA automobile insurance.

AAA car insurance coverage options

Comprehensive, collision and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage are all included in AAA’s auto insurance. Liability coverage (including death and bodily harm) is also included. In addition to many other advantages, AAA members may add additional endorsements to their insurance policies. The AAA alternatives that follow may be of interest to you but bear in mind that not all of them are accessible in every state.

  • Accident forgiveness. This insurance may or may not be needed in your area. As long as you are a member of AAA, your insurance premiums will not increase as soon as your first accident occurs.
  • Extended car rental expenses coverage. If the repair work has not been completed, many insurance companies will only cover the rental for the time period stated in the contract. AAA will cover the cost of a rental vehicle while your automobile is being repaired.
    Pet insurance. If your pet is harmed in a vehicle accident, AAA can help you pay for up to $500 in veterinarian expenses for your pet’s care.
  • 12-month policy. For a period of one year, this option ensures rate stability for you.
  • New vehicle replacement. For the first year after an accident, AAA will replace your smashed vehicle with a fresh new one. New car replacement insurance is an interesting topic to investigate.
  • Limited loan/lease payoff. If your car is wrecked in an accident covered by your insurance, AAA will reimburse the remaining loan or lease payment. This is also known as gap insurance. You’ll have to purchase a new automobile if the claim check you get is less than the vehicle’s worth after depreciation.

AAA roadside assistance

AAA roadside assistance is one of its specialties. As an add-on to your existing policy or as a standalone supplement to your current coverage, you can obtain it. Tiers under AAA’s roadside assistance service provide different levels of advantages.
Do a comparison between AAA and other service providers in your region and note their similarities and differences.

Membership benefits

As far as non-driving membership perks go, AAA is head and shoulders above the others. The system incorporates roadside assistance services like AAA.

AAA car insurance discounts

Members of AAA are eligible for a number of benefits. This list includes some of the best ways to save money.

  • Multi-policy discount. It’s possible to save as much as 9 to 22 percent on vehicle insurance if you also carry renters, homeowners, condo, or life insurance.
  • Multi-vehicle. By combining your auto insurance with AAA, you may save up to 26% on your rate.
  • Advanced purchase. You’ll save 5% on your membership and premiums if you pay them in full at least seven days before the end of the insurance term.
  • Longevity. If you stick with your current insurer for three years, switching to AAA may save you up to 12 percent on your premiums.
  • Paid in full. The insurance discount is available if you pay in full before the insurance term starts.
  • Original owner. First-time car owners save five percent on their insurance.
  • Good student. Some insurance policies allow you to save 15% if your grades are good enough.
  • Driver training. If you finish a state-approved driver education course, AAA may lower your rates by as much as 3%.

AAA Auto Insurance vs. Competitors

Rates by Company : Average Monthly Premium

  • AAA. $151 Dollars
  • Geico. $100 Dollars
  • AllState. $169 Dollars
  • Nationwide . $119 Dollars
  • National Average. $129 Dollars

Where is AAA auto insurance cheapest?

The car insurance rates offered by AAA are among the most affordable in these five states.

Monthly Premium

  • California. $145 
  • Michigan. $183 
  • Indiana. $85
  • Minnesota. $90
  • Utah. $92 

AAA insurance bundling options

A broad range of insurance options is available to customers of AAA. You may be able to save money and have your insurance rates reduced by purchasing several coverages from the same provider. Membership may be needed for some types of coverage. This must be remembered. On this page, you may compare AAA insurance alternatives.

Can I cancel AAA insurance in the middle of my policy term?

Yes. You have complete control over whether or not you keep your AAA membership. Members of AAA insurance have the option to terminate their coverage at any time throughout the term of the policy. To avoid a coverage gap, wait to cancel your insurance until you’ve acquired a new policy. Be sure to search around for a substitute policy and compare rates before you cancel your AAA membership altogether. If you follow our advice, your insurance rates may go down and you’ll avoid being slammed with higher DMV penalties.

How to cancel AAA insurance

You may also cancel your coverage by calling 1-877-387-8378 or visiting your local AAA office. Representatives and agents may inform customers who have already paid premiums whether they must pay early cancellation penalties or whether they are entitled to refunds. Before you cancel your old insurance, make sure you have a new one in place.

If you follow these procedures, ending AAA coverage will be a breeze.

  1. Your policy number and any other pertinent customer information should also be included
  2. Ensure that your contract and any recurring payments are cancelled immediately.
  3. Follow-up questions should be addressed honestly.
  4. Demand transmission of a confirmation message by email.

AAA insurance online features

AAA insurance has developed a number of online services to meet the needs of today’s customers. AAA provides its customers with an easy-to-navigate website where they may estimate their premiums, make claims, and pay them. Enter your ZIP code in the search box above to find a AAA club near you.
In addition, AAA has mobile-friendly applications available. Here’s a short rundown of some of the more important ones:

Auto Club

Customers may access insurance policy details, insurance quotes, and online bill payment via the Auto Club app (both for membership and insurance premiums). This app is also required for use with the AAA telematics program. The software also provides other details like:

  • Hotel and flight booking
  • Trip planner
  • Traffic conditions
  • Battery replacement quotes
  • Approved auto repair facilities
  • Cheapest gas prices in your area
  • Locations of member branch offices

AAA Mobile

This app’s main market consists of AAA members. Vehicle insurance policies offered to AAA members include a separate roadside assistance program. Additional AAA Mobile app features are mentioned below if you’re interested.

  • Maps
  • Discount information (hotels, restaurants and more)
  • Hotel and rental car booking
  • AAA approved repair facilities
  • Battery replacement quotes
  • A scannable, digital membership card that can be added to Passbook

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